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Integrated Risk Management with ServiceNow and adesso

Minimise risks and eliminate inefficient processes

Real-time view of compliance and risks

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) – formerly named Integrated Risk Management – allows you to transform inefficient business processes into an integrated risk program. NOW applications offer continuous monitoring and automation options, providing a real-time view of compliance and risks, improving decision-making and enhancing business performance. ServiceNow combines business, security and IT in one integrated risk framework that bundles and optimises manual, isolated and inefficient processes in one central, unified platform.

Integrated Risk Management

The most important functions at a glance

Management and automation of policy lifecycles and continuous monitoring of compliance with relevant measures
Performing detailed business impact analyses to adequately assess, prioritise and respond to risks
Using risk data to write and prioritise audit schedules and automate cross-functional processes.
Continuous monitoring, detection, assessment, mitigation and elimination of risks in suppliers’ vendor ecosystems

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) reduces your costs and means you avoid regulatory stress. The benefits are plain to see:

  • Activities are optimised and automated in case of emergency
  • Policy lifecycles are monitored and automated, and continuous compliance is ensured
  • Risk awareness is increased
  • Risks are monitored and assessed
  • Decision-making processes are improved and accelerated
  • Risks are prioritised while factoring in business impacts

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