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Top AI Features at Salesforce

Although ChatGPT and other large language models have catapulted the possibilities of artificial intelligence into the public eye, Salesforce has been using AI features for quite some time now. In the retail sector, the success of companies depends to a large extent on whether they succeed in designing work processes efficiently and offering their customers the best possible shopping and service experience. But the good news is: Salesforce and AI can actively support this.

In this on-demand webinar series, we get together with experts and discuss the outstanding AI features that are already available in Salesforce and what benefits they offer companies in areas of marketing, e-commerce and service.

We deal with three topics:

Webinar 1

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: More efficient personalisation through AI (in German)

Artificial intelligence can help to increase the relevance of marketing messages. We discuss three smart AI features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Using these features enables companies to dispatch time and frequency as well as create customised content. AI usually needs a lot of data to generate high-quality results, but models are becoming more powerful and provide solid predictions – even when less data is available.

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Webinar 2

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Better conversion with AI

We look at three features of Commerce Cloud that can help increase conversion rates. Personalising and arranging products play a role in this, as does displaying complementary or similar products based on individual preference. All in all, the Commerce Cloud AI features discussed improve search functionality, personalised recommendations and provide valuable insights to improve conversion and sales.

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Webinar 3

Salesforce Service Cloud: Become a service champion thanks to AI (in German)

In this webinar, we will show how easy the first step can be to support your own customer service with Salesforce Service Cloud and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is becoming usable for day-to-day business and is not just a topic for roadmaps. In addition, we provide an insight into what requirements a company needs to meet for this and what artificial intelligence in customer service has to do with the shortage of skilled workers.

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Five reasons you should not miss our webinars

  • Get to understand AI features: Dive into the AI options and solutions that Salesforce provides. Develop a deeper understanding of the applications that are relevant to your industry. We guarantee you will be wowed!
  • Gain a competitive advantage: Be one step ahead of your competitors: Learn about current and useful AI tools and methods and their use in Salesforce.
  • Optimise processes and increase efficiency: Using AI can optimise processes and increase efficiency, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a better business result.
  • Exploit potentials: You already use Salesforce in your company – but do you know all the relevant AI features that Salesforce offers and how to use them properly?
  • Keep an eye on trends and developments: In our on-demand webinar series, we provide information on the latest trends and developments in the use of AI in retail.

ChatGPT study

Toy or game changer?

ChatGPT moves the minds. Depending on your point of view and personal preference, the application is the tool that will take humanity to new heights. Or the scourge that will deal a death blow to creativity and independent thinking. Everyone has a gut feeling, everyone has an attitude.

That's why we surveyed 500 corporate executives. We wanted to know what their experiences have been, how they rate the results and what their plans are for using ChatGPT.

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Our speakers

Markus Hinzen has many years of experience in product marketing, retail and in the consumer goods industry. He has been a part of the Salesforce universe as an expert for retail and consumer goods since 2014. His passion is digitalisation along the customer journey. His goal is to develop innovative solutions and support companies in operating successfully in an increasingly digitalised business world.

Mirko Reckhard is an expert in customer experience design, digital marketing and CRM. His work focuses is on data-driven marketing strategies and cross-channel marketing automation. At adesso, Mirko Reckhard is responsible for Salesforce Commerce, CDP and Marketing Cloud.

Halil Berkus is a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer and has extensive experience with page designers, pick-up in store integrations, payment methods and Einstein features. He develops customised solutions for companies and helps customers optimise their e-commerce platforms and create successful customer experiences.

Tobias Kappus has been with adesso in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2019 and helps customers successfully implement and optimise their processes on the Salesforce platform. He supports customers conceptually and strategically in the implementation and start-up of Salesforce projects, with a focus on the financial services sector.

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