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Unified Commerce

One step ahead of omnichannel

One platform, every touchpoint

The business models of e-commerce and stationary retail can no longer be viewed separately. Both single-channel and multi-channel models are things of the past. Accordingly, omnichannel has created a cross-channel shopping experience in recent years and fundamentally changed the customer journey.

However, the customer experience isn’t consistent across every channel since the individual channels use solutions that either don’t interact with each other at all or only interact with each other to a limited extent. This inevitably leads to the conclusion that omnichannel is no longer the future, as modern customers move fluidly between channels and have no patience for interruptions in the system.

That’s why unified commerce is the buzzword of the moment, which puts the customer at the centre of everything.

What is unified commerce?

Unified commerce is by its very definition the next evolutionary stage of omnichannel strategy, removing the inconsistencies created by cross-channel approaches. The unified commerce strategy manages the customer experience across every physical and digital touchpoint by integrating communication channels on to a single platform. As a result, customers are offered a personalised experience in real time, even if they change channels.

This new strategy even allows you to improve conversion rates, order values and customer loyalty. Market research company Gartner assumes that using unified commerce can increase a company’s sales by at least 20 per cent by 2025. The holistic overview of the customer journey across every channel is critically important to this.


The benefits of unified commerce

In a unified commerce strategy, customers are at the centre of everything and can receive targeted communication at any time. This individualisation is achieved through the automated collection, categorisation and consolidation of the relevant data. A key benefit of this is the long-term, positive customer relationship.

The benefits of a unified commerce strategy compared to the omnichannel strategy are:

  • Data on the entire customer journey is recorded in a central customer data platform (CDP).
  • The CDP can then be segmented in an infinite number of ways to create personalised marketing campaigns.
  • The data recorded from the different touchpoints provides new comprehensive KPIs.
  • Providing a better service increases customer loyalty.

In a unified commerce strategy, the target groups are addressed from all sides according to customer needs and at logical intervals. This results in the customer being able to build a stronger connection and greater sense of loyalty to the brand.

Unified Commerce: The Future of Successful Trade(s)

Unified Commerce combines e-commerce, order management, customer relationship management, point of sale and much more in one platform. This blog post primarily deals with the relevance of the customer data platform and explains how order management can be optimised through unified commerce.

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Salesforce: the right platform for unified commerce

A seamless customer experience needs the technologies involved to interact with one another. If you are to successfully provide this type of unparalleled customer experience in line with the unified commerce strategy, you need to merge all of your data into one platform. Salesforce Customer 360 provides a centralised view of every customer, making Salesforce the ideal application for shaping a unified commerce strategy.

Integrating artificial intelligence also makes a significant contribution to optimising the customer experience. With Einstein, Salesforce offers the only e-commerce solution where AI is already integrated into the platform. Einstein delivers product recommendations, customised product sorting and meaningful search results at every touchpoint.

adesso as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner

adesso’s experienced Salesforce team helps you to identify challenges and stumbling blocks. We help you introduce the Commerce Cloud and successfully integrate it into your company’s processes. adesso provides you with resources and expertise to advise you on the planning and implementation of a unified commerce strategy.

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