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Salesforce Einstein

You build your customer relationships – AI helps to maintain them automatically

Sales is a human issue - which is precisely why AI is a deal

Addressing the right person with the right topic at the right time: This has always been the mantra of successful sales staff, even in pre-digital times. Technological developments in recent years and decades have not changed that at all. What has changed, however, are the tools available to sales experts. Salesforce Einstein is an AI application that helps employees complete sales processes more quickly and accurately, and with a higher degree of automation. From finding new potential customers to evaluating customers to managing the sales pipeline: Einstein provides support for all sales tasks. That leaves you to focus on what no AI can do: creating and cementing relationships between people.

Einstein - your sales assistant.

Salesforce Einstein helps your business sell products and services more intelligently. The system recognises new relationships, new opportunities and new potential in existing data. The AI application provides a new insight and overview. And it takes care of routine tasks, allowing sales experts to spend more time with the customer – and less time on administration. Even early on in the sales process, Einstein helps to evaluate leads on the basis of comparative data and customer histories. Sales staff can thus focus directly on the promising cases. This is because Salesforce Einstein accompanies potential customers throughout the entire acquisition process and gives the seller recommended next steps. In day-to-day work, Salesforce Einstein is available to sales and service staff as an assistant. The AI solution automatically logs e-mails, phone calls, service requests and website visits. Einstein even recognises dissatisfied customers in the mass of communication by rating the customer’s mood based on their tone or choice of words. Critical cases are automatically assigned a higher priority by the AI solution. Einstein also provides sales managers with more transparency: The application automatically generates forecasts and summarises information in the form of dashboards. Managers can see all parameters at a glance and can intervene in a timely manner in the event of problems.

Your Salesforce experts

Salesforce Einstein’s full potential can only be realised with the right partner at your side. Our certified Salesforce and AI experts combine solution know-how, industry expertise and experience from more than 100 successful CRM projects. We work together with you to implement close-to-standard as well as custom Salesforce projects tailored to your specific requirements. Project methodology, team constellation and choice of technology: We put together the package that fits your goals and your business.

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Your advantages with Salesforce and adesso

  • The world’s leading cloud CRM platform organises all sales tasks and automates processes
  • Ideal for sales, marketing, customer service and other business areas
  • 360° view of every single customer, every sales transaction and every service procedure
  • The application brings together the multitude of information and interaction data in sales as a whole
  • AI technology supports sales experts in their strategic and operational sales work
  • Companies can configure the Sales Cloud solution extensively and deploy it quickly
  • Certified Salesforce experts and Salesforce Partner status guarantee access to the latest technologies
  • Proximity is crucial to the success of a project. With adesso, you can rely on German-speaking Salesforce specialists who work in locations close to you
  • If required, we can supplement project teams with SmartShore resources from Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey
  • 20 years of experience with IT and CRM projects of all sizes – from DAX corporations to start-ups
  • Expertise in all relevant technology fields such as AI, CRM, digital commerce and IoT

Do you have any questions?

Let’s discuss how we can work together to implement your Salesforce project. I look forward to being able to meet with you.


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