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A combined vocational training and degree programme or standard training in IT: 16 young apprentices enter the working world by joining adesso

The IT service provider adesso welcomed 16 new recruits yesterday as the new apprenticeship year kicked off. The focus of the 2018 apprenticeship year is once again on the combined vocational training and degree programme in software and system technology, which combines professional training with a degree course at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. In addition to that, the company is also offering standard training to qualified IT specialists as well as office and event managers.

adesso AG is providing young apprentices with a practical start to their careers. A key part of this is the direct involvement of new recruits in specific projects. In this way, the young apprentices gain the opportunity to put into practice what they learnt in their formal training. Learning by doing and direct involvement in real operational scenarios prepare the budding IT experts and business managers for their future careers right from the outset.

This year, adesso is also providing training in events management for the first time and is thereby expanding its portfolio of formal training subjects. The IT service provider is also expanding in terms of training locations. The Dortmund headquarters still houses the training centre, but the junior employees are now working at the Cologne, Essen and Frankfurt offices.

Combined programme: theory and practice in one

adesso has spent the last nine years placing particular focus on a combined vocational training and degree programme. Nine new recruits have chosen this path and are combining their training, which includes an IHK (Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce) exam, with a course in software and system technology at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. This will provide them with academic training and introduce them to the practical side of business at the same time. This double certification guarantees students the best professional prospects. Direct integration into a company promotes target-oriented qualification, which often results in students staying on in the company to do a master’s degree once they have completed their bachelor’s degree, or being immediately recruited into a permanent position at adesso.

16 young apprentices enter the working world by joining adesso.

Individual applications and broad insights

Another positive effect of this: in previous years, the students’ final theses involved practical applications such as a tool for ordering food or a scheduling service for the workshops and training sessions for the young apprentices working for the IT service provider on a daily basis.

Gaining broad insights into the business is a key part of training at adesso. To ensure that the young apprentices develop a comprehensive understanding of the business procedures, they complete a departmental training course spanning several weeks and attend seminars or training sessions on other business divisions and soft skills.

“We place great importance on promoting both the professional and personal development of our employees. We would like to make sure all doors are open to our new recruits in particular in this respect, so that they use their time in training to create the optimal foundations for their professional life,” says Kristina Gerwert, Head of Human Resources Management. “We received confirmation that we are heading in the right direction here when we were named the best employer in the ICT industry.”

In the Great Place to Work competition in spring, adesso was recognised for its excellence in the categories of team spirit, pride, fairness and respect in particular and was again awarded the title of “Best employer in the ICT industry” in the size category of companies with over 1,000 employees. It last held this title back in 2016.

The IT service provider is already on the lookout for junior employees to join the company in the next training year. The training and employment vacancies are listed here

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