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Campaign platform allows personalised customer contact

adesso and the Cologne-based start-up PBM Personal Business Machine AG have signed a sales and development partnership for the insurance and banking industries. The core of the alliance is a cloud-based platform for personalised digital dialogue with customers, which can help solve the current problems faced by banks in times of social distancing. adesso is informing potential customers about the platform with its #rettetdenVertrieb campaign.

New sales partnership for insurance companies and banks

  • adesso integrates campaign platform from PBM Personal Business Machine AG into its portfolio
  • Cloud-based service for personalised dialogue with customers
  • #rettetdenVertrieb campaign

The solution from PBM Personal Business Machine is a campaign platform that allows for persuasive, targeted contact with customers. That interaction with the customer – primarily in the insurance and banking sectors, as in the case of PBM – is based on a fully GDPR-compliant software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. To launch their partnership, and as a reaction to the current situation, the two companies are offering internal and external sales departments in the financial industry a digital rescue package with the slogan #rettetdenVertrieb. In these difficult times, the solution allows urgent digital communication processes to be implemented rapidly, within just 48 hours, and in compliance with the GDPR – including the secure exchange of documents with electronic signatures.

The general design of the campaign platform from PBM allows flexible and individual customer contact via all media channels. The tool is capable of distributing multimedia content tailored to individual customer’s needs in all formats and via every communication channel – including print, email, web, moving images and speech – from a single source. For example, customers can receive information in the form of a letter, email, app or video, or as a chatbot message via voice systems such as Alexa. The alliance with adesso is making efficient integration into all leading CRM systems a reality today.

Stefan Riedel, member of the board of adesso SE, and Ralf Pispers, CEO of PBM Personal Business Machine AG, agree on cooperation (Copyright: PBM Personal Business Machine)

Industry expert Stefan Riedel, who has been a member of adesso’s Executive Board since the start of the year and was previously responsible for IBM Germany’s Europe-wide insurance business for many years, was the first to notice PBM’s InsurTech product. He is enthusiastic about the solution: “We believe that PBM’s cloud-based, personalised, multimedia customer contact platform is unique on the international market. We look forward to integrating PBM’s business engine into adesso’s value chain so that our customers can enjoy its benefits. Of course, the PBM platform is also a very exciting autonomous solution for modern omni-channel communication in almost every industry, whether in B2B or B2C business.” adesso will be the orchestrator of the horizontal and vertical integration of all those facets.

More business through personalisation

Ralf Pispers, CEO of PBM AG, is pleased about adesso’s commitment and describes the motivating factors behind the partnership: “Communication in the insurance and banking industries continues to be characterised by impersonal mass communication. That means many business opportunities are missed.” According to Pispers, the platform’s results show that hyper-personalised communication pays in many areas, from reinvestment, one-time contributions in life insurance and premium adjustments through to the settlement of services in the health insurance sector, up- and cross-selling and claim communications in the property insurance industry. “Our form of customer dialogue is already allowing us to achieve above-average response and conversion rates today. The customer conversion rate for digital transactions from letters is up to 50 %. Net promoter scores are hugely improved, and sales departments benefit from the generation of qualified leads. We are currently applying the approach we have taken with our insurance customers to banks and asset management companies.”

The “new adesso experience”: rapid campaign roll-out

PBM’s product range complements the adesso Group’s wide range of services, which includes advice regarding tailored and industry-specific IT solutions, as well as their implementation throughout the commercial value chain. Effective immediately, the two cooperation partners will offer a common product portfolio described as the “new client experience” or “new adesso experience”. The portfolio gives companies the ability to implement successful customer experience management for end customers, sales departments, employees and business partners. The PBM platform also enables the rapid roll-out of campaigns and sophisticated personalisation for practically every segment and business case in the market using “personal mapping” methods. The sales cockpit module supports campaign management. A tracking module allows for transparency and analysis at every user level, throughout the customer journey.

Along with the sales partnership between the two companies, adesso’s software experts will support PBM’s development team to allow their common products and services for the international market to be developed quickly. To ensure that this strategic alliance is as close as possible over the long term, the IT service provider adesso has also become a shareholder in PBM, purchasing a 10 % stake in the company.

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