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ChatGPT turns one – a popular and often-used application: Decision-makers desire German alternative to ChatGPT

On 30 November 2022, OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT to the general public. The premiere sent waves through business and society at large. Twelve months later, the IT service provider adesso asked how companies were using the application. For many users, ChatGPT has become a reliable helper in their everyday lives. Still, a clear majority would like to see a German counterpart.

ChatGPT has achieved a level of fame that many a star can only dream of. More than 80 % of those surveyed knew its name. Just under 60 % have already used the application at least once. ChatGPT’s dominance is made all the more clear by a glance at second place, with just 30 % of those polled having used Google Bard in the same period of time. In less than a year, ChatGPT has become synonymous with applications based on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). What is surprising is how positively people rate their experience working with ChatGPT, with 75 % saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with the application. The vast majority are not bothered by the system’s weaknesses, such as questionable content or made-up facts (known as “hallucinations”).

Tangible impact on productivity

One reason for the positive feedback is that ChatGPT increases productivity considerably – or at least that is what users say. In fact, 40 % report that the use of AI saves them three to five hours of work a week. Just under 20 % place the effect at more than five hours a week. From writing and brainstorming to analysing longer texts, the OpenAI chatbot has a tangible effect on output and productivity. For most users, ChatGPT has become part of their everyday lives, with 58 % of users accessing the application at least once a week. Nearly 15 % even use it multiple times a day.

One stumbling block in development is that OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is based in the United States. As a result, 65 % of those questioned would like to see a comparable GenAI application from a German provider. That could be a huge opportunity for businesses such as the Heidelberg-based start-up Aleph Alpha, which is banking on its German heritage as a selling point for its AI application.

“The insights from the survey match up with our experiences as well,” says Benedikt Bonnmann, Head of the Data & Analytics Line of Business at adesso SE. “The early days were a phase of individual experimentation. Now more and more businesses are approaching us who want to systematically leverage the potential of GenAI, including the use of proprietary data in a secure environment, the development of bespoke solutions and the seamless integration into processes and their own IT environments. That will give the business benefits associated with the technology a further substantial boost. Companies are now laying the groundwork to benefit from GenAI in the future.”

More information on the findings of the survey are available

The market research firm heute & morgen polled 400 business leaders in Germany about ChatGPT on behalf of adesso in November 2023. The survey looked at ways OpenAI had changed everyday working life and where further improvement was necessary.

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