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adesso’s Digital Day: A “pilgrimage” towards digital transformation on 22 June 2017

adesso AG is inviting participants to take part in a “pilgrimage” through digital transformation on 22 June. On Digital Day, those who are interested can gain practical insights into how other companies are paving their own way to the digital age and what they are experiencing at the IT service provider’s company headquarters in Dortmund.

Visitors can expect the opposite of a lecture-style event during this format from the Digital Day event series. Instead, adesso will be taking its visitors through a range of different stops in small groups: in adesso’s Technology Labs, they will get to know other companies that will report on their experiences with digital transformation using examples from their own practical projects and developments.

This “digital pilgrimage” is intended to provide visitors with specific answers to current, acute questions that have to do with digital transformation with the aid of practical experience: what should companies be doing now? What technological drivers should companies rely on in order to remain competitive (e.g. from the fields of the Internet of Things, business intelligence, digital workplaces and mobility), and how should they do this? What steps do companies need to take in order to optimally tap into digital utilisation potentials?

Frank Dobelmann is adesso’s Chief Technology Officer and describes the idea behind the event in the following way: “Digital transformation will be accompanied by change processes that are unique for each company: with subject areas that are prioritised differently, with different organisational forms that are appropriate for different companies, at speeds that will be adjusted individually. With the metaphor of the “pilgrimage”, we want to describe the unique, sometimes long, sometimes rocky paths of self-discovery and reinvention that we are accompanying companies on, in spite of challenges, towards a successful future.

On Digital Day, the adesso pilgrimage will be stopping off to visit the following companies and their digitalisation projects:

  • Getting started with the Internet of Things with the lighting manufacturer TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG
  • Digital Workplace – on the journey towards becoming a connected company with the pumping system manufacturer Wilo SE
  • Digitalisation in retail with mobile business with the jewellery company CHRIST Juweliere & Uhrmacher
  • Business intelligence at the Osterrode Job Centre with Osterrode municipality/Göttingen district
  • Discovering digitalisation potentials with the IR:digital with the company

Basic information about this free, open event:

Venue: adesso Dortmund, Stockholmer Allee 20, 44269 Dortmund, Germany

Starts: 9:30 am with a reception with light breakfast and keynote by

Prof Dr Volker Gruhn, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of adesso AG, followed by “pilgrimages” until 5:00 pm

Please register by email at

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