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adesso cooperates with Microsoft to create an app-based system for first responders: “Mobile Retter” helps save lives

Mobile Retter e.V. is an association dedicated to improving the first aid provided to people in life threatening situations using an app-based alarm system. Now the association is receiving strong support from the Microsoft Group and its technology partner adesso. Together the two IT companies have stepped up to develop and modernise the first responder communication system for “mobile rescuers” and emergency call centres throughout Germany.

In the case of cardiac arrest, heavy bleeding or unconsciousness, mere seconds can make the difference between life and death. When you call the emergency services in Germany by dialling 112, its takes an average of nine minutes for them to arrive at the scene of the emergency and provide first aid, e.g. resuscitation. Unfortunately, that often means valuable time is lost. Mobile Retter's idea is to alert qualified first aiders who happen to be in the vicinity and can reach the scene faster than an ambulance, thereby saving valuable time.

That assumes they are equipped with an alarm system in the form of a smartphone app that can locate registered first aiders, inform them about the emergency and guide them to the location. Such professional first aiders could include doctors, nurses, paramedics, fire fighters or carers – “mobile rescuers” with medical training or experience dealing with emergencies who can start life-saving measures until the emergency services arrive. “Mobile Retter e.V.” is a charity based in Halle, Westphalia, which has been working on a first responder alarm system for emergency control centres since it was founded in 2013.

Now two strong technology partners have come together to support this idea: Microsoft and its certified partner adesso. The Microsoft Group has provided the basis for the communication toolbox required for the app in the form of its Microsoft Suite Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365 and SharePoint in the Microsoft Cloud application elements. Meanwhile, adesso's software experts have used their extensive, tried-and-tested IT expertise to modernise the existing system for a national roll-out and adapt it to the needs of “mobile rescuers”.

Stefan Prasse is the Managing Director of Mobile Retter e.V. and is happy about the support of these experts for his good cause. “With Microsoft and adesso we have two large, reliable players supporting us in our plans: Microsoft has offered the project its excellent products and is providing us with highly reliable technology, while adesso’s certified team of experts in this Microsoft technology has implemented and adapted the platform.” When the project is rolled out nationwide, Prasse expects approximately 100,000 voluntary “mobile rescuers” to be part of the system throughout Germany. Markus Lünsmann, head of the Microsoft department at adesso added: “At adesso, support for this project, which is of such great value to the community, is a matter close to our hearts.”

Now adesso is working on a self-service portal to give the association the tools it needs for the various stages of the roll out. It allows professional first aiders to register as participants and manage their personal data, and it provides them with a training date. Those with an interest can already download the Mobile Retter app free from the app store. In the case of an emergency, the app automatically connects registered first aiders with the Mobile Retter server and the emergency control centre, sends them an alert and guides them to the location.

With this charity project, adesso was a finalist for two Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2017 . Microsoft presented the awards for outstanding customer solutions developed by partner companies on the basis of Microsoft technology at its Inspire Conference 2017 in the USA.

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