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From application to benefit

The insurance experience as a customer relationship objective

Focus on customers

Linking supporting technology with the customer experience has become indispensable in the insurance industry. The customer takes centre stage, and customers remember positive experiences.

Today, 61 per cent of the insurance customers surveyed expect to be able to handle every insurance concern digitally. Policy holders want to be able to resolve their concerns anytime and anywhere, allowing them to resolve the matter directly, efficiently and digitally via a wide range of interaction channels.

Pick up your customers where they feel at home

The illustration below depicts how a social media post is raising customer awareness of a car insurance policy. The post takes them to a car insurer’s landing page, which stores cookies and customer data. As a result, customers are shown a banner advertisement over several pages during their further activities on the Internet.

After clicking on the banner advertisement, the customer enters his or her data to arrange an online appointment. If he or she takes out a motor vehicle insurance policy during the appointment, the customer receives the 10% cheaper online rate.

Customer journey in the claims process

Customer experience throughout the entire customer journey

Many parts of an insurance customer journey entail experiences. Based on other B2C interactions, customers are used to having a lasting experience, from their wish to cover risks through to receiving benefits. But the insurance industry does not work just like any other business.

To ensure that the experience is tailored to the customer and their journey in the insurance company, data is analysed, an appealing design is chosen, the right touchpoints are identified and neuromarketing is taken into account, among other things. Our mission is to bring transparency to the individual customer journey.

What we offer

How satisfied are customers with the guidance through your insurance and service offer? To offer your customers a true experience, we take a close look at the overall process in a workshop. For this purpose, we will work out the entire customer journey over two days with contacts and partners from sales, application and benefit processing. The goal is to provide your customers with a consistent and fulfilling customer experience across all levels.

Drawing on our customer experience (CX) expertise, we holistically bring together the areas of consulting, IT services and creative agency for the insurance industry.

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