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SAP solutions for payment collection processes


1. Automating the submission of receivables to external collection service providers


Managing receivables is both very expensive and very time-consuming. adesso has extensive expertise in SAP’s Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable module (FI-CA) and in receivables management. adesso was able to draw on this expertise to implement an automated SAP FI-CA collection process for Enervie and to tailor it to the specific requirements of the collection agencies.


ENERVIE now operates an automated system for submitting receivables to service providers. The relevant receivables are very quickly identified, evaluated and passed on to the service provider in the form of a submission file. As a result, the time and costs involved in dealing with the SAP system and collection agency are reduced to a minimum.

2. Introduction of SAP Screen Personas as part of the collection process


By using SAP Screen Personas, adesso enabled external collection agencies to independently retrieve additional information about particular cases from the ENERVIE systems while complying with data protection rules and legal provisions.

The interaction between the collection submission process implemented by adesso and the use of SAP Screen Personas allows ENERVIE to operate the entire collection process with almost no communication and almost no paper.


The implementation of SAP Screen Personas reduced the amount of communication with external collection agencies to a minimum. The information that can be retrieved under this system has been agreed with the service providers.

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