Digital Car Sales

Using digital touchpoints and increasing customer satisfaction

Dealing cars online – new digital opportunities

The shift away from brick-and-mortar retailers to online sales has also taken place in the automotive industry. Many customers prefer to get their information online. However, purchases are still made at the car dealership. The salespeople at car dealerships are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of models on offer, which makes it difficult for them to provide customers with high-quality advice. Prospective buyers are very well-informed and have high expectations of salespeople. This quickly creates a frustrating experience in the middle of the customer journey – but that does not have to be the case!

Solutions such as chatbots or showrooms in the metaverse act as digital interfaces. These solutions satisfy the customers’ playful instincts and thirst for knowledge and make it possible to conclude a successful business transaction.

These days, the digital customer experience – from obtaining initial information to digitally tracking the production steps as part of the anticipation that buyers experience, to vehicle delivery – counts more than ever.

Digital technologies create a new customer experience. Personalised offers, improved customer service and simplified purchasing processes make it possible to provide a positive customer journey and turn customers into fans.

Strengthen your digital presence and exploit the potential of every digital touchpoint!

One-day customer journey check-up

We work with you using all the available customer data to create an overview of the various touchpoints and interactions your users have with your company along the customer journey. In the process, we identify weaknesses and point out opportunities for improvement.

At the end of the day, we create a customer journey map that contains all the touchpoints’ locations. Doing all this allows us to uncover optimisation potential and present concrete implementation options for achieving a high level of customer satisfaction that is also sustainable.

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The configurator as a critical factor

With the vehicle configurator, it is easy to create an individual offer for your customers and sell vehicles directly online. Turn your vehicle configurator into a useful marketing tool by integrating various extensions and making vehicle information more transparent for users.


Emissions standards – a challenge and an opportunity

Stricter emission standards and complying with them pose a complex challenge for the entire industry. That being said, the existing legal requirements and their amendments must be complied with and taken into account at all times. Every configuration change potentially leads to a new CO2 emission value for customised vehicles. For many customers, these values are incredibly important when making their final purchase decision.

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AI-controlled automotive consulting

Many purchasing decisions today are made online, even before a customer visits a dealership. It is therefore important that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide the right product information and digital solutions to help customers make decisions online.

Digital commerce in the automotive industry is much more than just selling cars

Features on demand are a factor that should not be underestimated in future if you want to continue creating a satisfactory customer experience and make the value chain sustainable even after handing over the vehicle. Offer your customers the flexibility to customise their dream car even after they buy it:

  • Air conditioner activation
  • Advanced headlamp functions
  • Seat heater activation
  • Battery range enhancement
  • Parking assistance

adesso offers you a range of consultancy services and solutions tailored to your business that allow you to optimally design all the digital touchpoints along your customers’ customer journeys. Our approach is based on IT technologies that follow an easy-to-use approach and digitally map all processes.

Digital Commerce Study 2023

Quo Vadis Digital Commerce: What do consumers need and how should companies act now?

Our latest digital commerce study shows trends, uncovers valuable differences between the perceptions of customers and companies and offers you concrete recommendations for optimising the customer experience. In doing so, it looks at the retail and financial services industries with a clear distinction.

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