Revolutionising car sales with virtual showrooms

The best of both worlds

The human factor continues to play a major role

Since buying a vehicle is regarded as a significant investment by a lot of people, most consumers still seek human interaction during the entire process to receive assistance and get their queries answered. However, the extent of this dependence on human interaction varies throughout the shopping experience.

72 percent of consumers prefer to work in person with someone at the dealership rather than digitally when signing paperwork and completing the financing and insurance (F&I) process. Similarly, 70 percent of consumers prefer to work in person when negotiating the price of the vehicle, while only 56 percent prefer to work in person when evaluating/selecting add-on F&I products/packages.
2020 Automotive Consumer Study, A Focus on Virtual F&I, Automotive News Research & Data Center

Being there for customers when they really need it - the Metaverse makes it possible

A metaverse solution offers an arm to an omnichannel sales strategy, providing better visualization of vehicle as 3D renderings. A good metaverse solution makes the artificial world in the internet realistic and immersive.

With a virtual showroom, customers can customize, build, and purchase their dream car without the need for a physical product while still maintaining a human connection. This approach allows sales teams to be more efficient, tailoring the amount of 1-on-1 support on a case-by-case basis. Dedicated human metaverse interactions are only necessary when required or requested. Capturing the entire sales process within a digital selling solution provides an added benefit of tracking and analyzing each step for valuable insights.

Our approach

Deployed on Azure and Microsoft Teams, adesso uses Touchcast’s MaaS platform that can be accessed through desktop and mobile. By eliminating the need for a location dependent sales resource, VR headsets or specialized hardware, it is an accessible, end-to-end solution for executing an actionable metaverse strategy today.

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