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Actively dealing with complexity in a way that’s targeted and solution-oriented

adesso’s mindfulness programme

Why mindfulness? Mindfulness makes it easier for us to deal with complexity and helps us achieve project goals with more focus, thereby enabling a more productive daily routine, both at work and in our private lives.

Does this sound familiar? We often work on several projects or topics at the same time, quickly complete different tasks, manage seven tasks in parallel, attend various appointments without much of a break and communicate in multiple directions and through various channels.

Regardless of whether it’s big concepts or small details, there are a number of tools for preventing stress – at adesso MIND, we use stress prevention approaches from the IT sector, neuroscience and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) therapy. After all, we work with complex systems and solutions every day:

  • Numerous tools, such as modularisation or modelling, help us maintain an overview, stay focused and structure our activities and solutions.
  • Mindful meditation shrinks the amygdala in the brain and grows the hippocampus.
  • Conscious perception of our feelings and moods increases emotional intelligence and improves our relationship with our fellow man.
Developed with conviction

Mindfulness is the key to problem-solving competence and creative solution concepts and is therefore one of adesso’s core corporate values. Why do we think that mindfulness has to be part of everyday work at adesso? There are many reasons for this, which we have recorded here in our core beliefs.

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Thinking slowly vs. thinking quickly: the path to a creative solution

A short digression: humans are fundamentally equipped with a type of ‘model-based thinking’ that helps us find good solutions. But this thinking costs a lot of energy and time. When it’s necessary to meet a goal quickly, we activate stored patterns – we act the way we’re ‘used to’. However, we don’t take the time to properly evaluate the whole situation. You rarely find the best solution when using this traditional stimulus-response scheme. Especially when you’re pressed for time or have a lot on your plate. How can you solve such a complex situation? This requires a healthy mix of overview and focus, as well as composure and tension.

A multifaceted offering for more mindfulness

For us, mindfulness includes levels such as appreciation, promoting health, sustainability and cooperation. We offer our employees a range of services focused on increasing mindfulness and awareness in these areas: from coaching and apps, to training programmes, stress management methods and podcasts. Since not everyone deals with complexity in the same way, it’s important to us to have a sustainable and, above all, daily offer of different solutions in order to cater to the individuality of each adessi.

Additional training programme: ‘Mindfulness – a key to success’

Live online training courses, individual discussion sessions, educational videos and self-study resources help our employees develop skills for successfully dealing with complexity.

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7Mind: practical support in everyday life

Our employees receive free access to the premium version of the 7Mind app. adessi can use Germany’s most popular meditation app to easily integrate scientifically based micro-training courses into their everyday lives in a practical way. The offer includes more than 900 guided training courses on topics such as self-awareness in the team, intuition and conflict and leadership, and provides a simple introduction to the topic.


My first four years at adesso didn’t ‘fly by’

Many people have the feeling or perception that time is racing by. Why is this? In her blog post, our colleague shares her experiences from her time at adesso so far and explains how she has managed to slow her life down.

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