Further education programme

Mindfulness – a key to success

The training for awareness management and emotional intelligence

In everyday working life, there are always situations in which tensions rise and relaxing is difficult. We’re offering ‘Mindfulness – a key to success’ so that our employees are able to focus and concentrate when they do their work despite rising stress levels and, above all, stay healthy in the process.

The further education programme consists of eight modules and includes live online training, individual discussion sessions with an external mental coach as well as numerous educational videos and additional content for self-study. The focus is on developing skills for successfully dealing with complexity.

In the programme, the adessi learn:

  • How to stay focused, even when there are big distractions
  • How to stay calm, even when the going gets tough
  • How to stay relaxed, even when the pressure increases

Concentration and the ability to relax are strengthened, and a stable routine of practicing mindfulness can develop, which also becomes an established and supportive part of life beyond the training.

What our employees are saying about ‘Mindfulness – a key to success’.

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