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PBM – Personal Business Machine

Customer approach for a digital world

The innovative platform for successful customer dialogue

The current customer communication at banks, healthcare and insurance companies has little or nothing to do with the customer experience. There is enormous potential here waiting to be tapped and exploited, because enormous increases in conversion, commitment and sales impulses are just a simple decision away for you.

PBM is the platform for personalisation and emotionalisation from one central business engine for all channels and formats. This fully GDPR-compliant Software as a Service (SaaS) platform personalises all media formats from a single source. The use of machine learning, neuromarketing and persona-mapping personalises and digitalises the customer experience at every stage of the customer journey.

adesso is a partner of PBM. Get to know our partner PBM and be amazed at how a personalised customer experience impacts your KPIs and as your sales figures increase, your customers see real added-value and will stay with you in the long term.

Our solutions for a personalised customer experience

Your advantages

  • Automated playout across all channels – from letters to apps to Alexa Skills
  • This creates smart customer journeys with maximum response and conversion rates
  • Sophisticated personalisation for each segment (persona mapping) and each case
  • Fast and flexible rollout of campaigns by product providers (divisions)
  • Optimal sales partner cockpit for handling and controlling campaigns
  • Maximum transparency and analysis options at every user level
  • Flexible integration into the existing infrastructure
  • Event tracking and process automation

PBM supports the personalised customer experience with sophisticated solutions and brings an increase in conversion, greater commitment and a better brand image, improves the workflow in your company and is visibly profitable due to quick successes. Join us and our partners here in the 21st century! Modern and personalised customer communication personifies every customer and makes them more than just a dataset.

Do you have any questions?

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