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PBM TrustITBox

Secure and convenient communication inside and outside the company

GDPR-compliant communication with maximum user acceptance

Secure and convenient – this is how companies today communicate with the smartest solution for the GDPR-compliant exchange of data, files and messages, which meets even the highest requirements for the protection of secrets.

TrustITBox design principles:

  • Attractive user interface and intuitive operation
  • Simple access and secure authentication
  • Individually adaptable to your requirements

Use Cases

Initial situation and objective

The TrustITBox enables service employees of insurance companies, agents and customers alike to use their time more efficiently and to concentrate their resources on specific important issues.

The approach

In addition to being practical and being a part of technical progress, the TrustITBox allows work to be carried out more efficiently. An example could be a customer informing the insurance agent in an on-site service call that a new bicycle is to be included in the existing household insurance policy. This change can be made easily after the call and will then be available to the customer in the TrustITBox. There, the contract amendment is signed and forwarded accordingly.

It is no longer necessary to produce the required documents quickly during customer appointments, wasting both the customer’s and the agent’s time. These topics can be given more focus during the appointment, carefully prepared at the end of the meeting and then made available to the customer. This does not require another face-to-face meeting, which in turn would take up more of the customer’s and the agent’s time. The TrustITBox also offers the customer the opportunity to read received documents in detail and without having to rush. They have the time to take in information at their own pace, to think about it and to ask qualified questions, if necessary.

The result

All in all, the TrustITBox increases consultation and service quality. The customer feels as though they are well informed and a common basis of trust is established. This allows them to make informed decisions. Short-term cancellations or revocations are therefore less likely. Having a customer feel more positive about their insurance policy then opens the door to more marketing opportunities.

Initial situation and setting goals

Today, information on medical devices and medical technology validations are often global in scope. The challenge here is to communicate and exchange data with many decentralised and often widely scattered stakeholders. It is important to ensure simple yet secure access to this data. The smooth integration of users without the need for a complicated registration for a situational dialogue or document exchange supports, among other things, the rapid expansion of the ecosystem.

The secure availability of data and easy scaling support rapid and tailored expansions of the ecosystem of studies or validations.


The TrustITBox provides your employees with information and receives data from the periphery with low barriers. Spontaneous extensions of the circle of participants can be mapped at any time. Content – such as results, findings and messages – can be integrated directly into the core software at any time and made available directly to other processes.

The result

Fast and barrier-free yet secure exchange of information: Optimisation of internal and external information availability.

Initial situation and objective

The TrustITBox makes consulting more flexible and professional, and opens up new customer groups. At the same time, it increases the satisfaction of the agents through more efficient work processes.

The approach

The TrustITBox allows flexible, GDPR-compliant communication. This is particularly important in the insurance industry due to the financial and personal data involved. This flexibility arises from the fact that it can be used whenever and wherever. This means that the agent and customer do not have to work on a transaction simultaneously; they can do so according to their personal capacities instead. Illness, holidays and a full schedule are no longer obstacles when important matters require a timely response, for example. If a customer’s professional and therefore income situation changes, quick adjustments – such as premium adjustments – are sometimes necessary. Even customers who frequently travel, and therefore cannot attend appointments in person or open their post promptly, can now enjoy a service that is here to stay.

At the same time, this sort of flexibility is increasingly in demand, especially in today’s age of on-demand services, such as video streaming, and increases the chance of customer participation, especially among younger people. This applies both to the customers and to the agents and/or brokers themselves.

The result

Thanks to TrustITBox, you increase both customer and employee satisfaction and create appropriate incentives for recruiting new employees.

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