Digitalisation of marketing and sales with Microsoft

How companies can master digital transformation

There are many key factors required in order for a company to successfully tackle digital transformation. These factors include having a flexible organisation, autonomous teams, mobile employees, transparent and readily available knowledge, comprehensive customer experience management and an agile IT system.

The pace for the digitalisation of a company's customer relations is mainly set by its sales and marketing divisions. There are three essential aspects here:

  • Actively shaping the entire customer relationship (total customer experience management).
  • A digital workplace for marketing and sales.
  • Transparent information about customers and about the company’s own performance.

We pass on our practical experience with Dynamics365 and Microsoft365, while also informing you about the opportunities on the horizon for working with these platforms.

#1The intranet portal is dead! Long live the digital workplace!

Digital transformation is in full swing, and companies face numerous challenges if they want to take advantage of the full potential of digitalisation. This involves overhauling so many things. Proven processes and systems are replaced by new digital solutions, which are more in keeping with the times and the requirements of the younger generation.

#2Lead generation with external data

Generating your own new leads with new and existing customers always entails the same challenge: When starting from scratch, how can you establish contacts with decision-makers and generate specific opportunities for discussion? An effective answer to this is to integrate high-quality, external company data directly into the CRM system and to make it available universally.

#3 Self-service business intelligence

The idea of self-service BI emerged in the IT industry in around 2010. In IT terms, this actually makes it old news but many analysts consider self-service BI to be one of the major trends in the BI sector.

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