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Viewing the cloud as a factor for success

Efficiency and agility with the cloud

The move to the cloud is a paradigm shift for many companies. Cloud computing enables them to be more flexible, scalable and cost efficient, and also provides them with new ways to develop innovative products and services. This is why a growing number of companies are turning to the cloud. While many already use a hybrid cloud setup, deploying a multi-cloud environment is the ultimate goal for the majority of them. But these companies also need to make sure they have the right strategy, as only considering the cloud in a technological sense will leave them high and dry.

A good cloud strategy defines a vision, draws up a roadmap with the key milestones and factors in the most important frameworks, such as security and compliance requirements. It’s essential that companies embed their cloud strategy into their IT strategy, as using the cloud can also lead to changes in business models.

Our experts are happy to provide the services you need to help you on your route to the cloud. We work with you in our Cloud Pit Stop to determine how much progress your company has made already, develop a suitable cloud strategy for you with our roadmap and factor in your business case, the cloud enterprise architecture and appropriate cloud governance.

Your guided journey into the cloud

The challenges of our customers

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, we know the typical starting points on the market and can offer the right solutions.

Your company wants to move to the cloud

You have made the decision to use cloud services for business and strategic reasons. This is where our Cloud Business Assessment in our portfolio comes in handy. We use this to shed light on the key topics of a strategic cloud transformation, and the result provides you with an optimal starting vector for your cloud transformation.

Your company needs to move to the cloud

Your previous IT architecture can no longer guarantee that you will meet security or audit requirements. Our Cloud Business Assessment also provides an excellent foundation to build on in this case, too. However, your security and audit requirements mean that you should also consider our Cloud Strategy portfolio element as well.

Your company is already in the cloud

You have already introduced cloud solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365, and you are now looking to structure the cloud services and improve synergies. Our Cloud Pit Stop is a great fit with this starting point, as it enables you to implement an organised structure in the key cloud topics that are relevant for you and thus tap into the synergies between them. Our Cloud Strategy portfolio element is the right choice if you want to take a strategic, long-term and sustainable approach.

Your company wants to expand its cloud services

Your company already has a cloud provider, but you would like to use other providers (multi-cloud and provider control) and synchronise the respective services accordingly. We recommend our Cloud Strategy and Cloud Pit Stop portfolio elements here.

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