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Excellent IT is sustainable IT

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Sustainable IT goes beyond the immediate benefits of technology and contributes to a company's long-term environmental and social sustainability goals. By utilising resources efficiently, reducing energy consumption and avoiding electronic waste, it reduces its ecological footprint. At the same time, it promotes fair working conditions in the supply chain and digital participation, thereby strengthening corporate social responsibility. Good IT is therefore not only technologically advanced, but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Our offer for you

We support your green IT initiative from start to finish: from measurement and evaluation through to optimisation. The core of our portfolio is the development of green IT strategies, the sustainable procurement of hardware and software solutions as well as holistic green IT training. Our project experience shows: Green IT initiatives fail less because of technical expertise than because of a holistic strategic orientation and organisational anchoring. These aspects must be taken into account in every company in order to achieve and consolidate sustainable IT in the long term.

Our services for sustainable IT

Green IT strategy

We work with you to develop a green IT strategy that harmonises your corporate, IT and sustainability strategy. We define ambitious but realistic KPIs, analyse existing gaps and carry out an impact analysis. With prioritised roadmaps based on solid business cases, we navigate you in a targeted manner to the desired level of Green IT maturity.

Green IT procurement

Your IT is only as sustainable as its input factors. We optimise your supplier management, establish sustainable procurement guidelines and promote partnerships with environmentally conscious suppliers. By introducing green supply chain practices and training on sustainable supplier management, we strengthen your position as an environmentally conscious company.

Green IT training

Superficial training is not enough to anchor Green IT sustainably. Our in-depth competence analyses and customised qualification measures create a deep understanding of Green IT. We promote the awareness and skills of your employees in order to contribute to an environmentally conscious IT culture in the long term.

Technical implementation

By combining decades of experience in IT strategy projects with technical delivery capability, we not only provide our customers with technically sophisticated concepts. Our consultants, requirements engineers, concept developers, designers, architects, software developers and DevOps colleagues are trained in the realisation of sustainable software and work continuously to improve our internal, role-specific guidelines in the area of green IT.

Customised solutions

In addition to our tried-and-tested standard offerings, we develop customised solutions in areas such as

  • Software longevity and obsolescence avoidance
  • Methodology and green coding
  • Data and AI
  • Greening SAP
  • Sustainable web development

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The added value of sustainable IT

Green IT offers many advantages and plays a decisive role in the sustainability strategy of companies:

  • Preservation of an environment worth living in by reducing sustainability risks and contributing to environmental protection.
  • Reducing costs through greater efficiency, lower power consumption and less need for IT hardware.
  • Increasing attractiveness for investors by improving the ESG rating, employer brand and employer attractiveness.
  • Customer satisfaction and differentiation through the fulfilment of customer needs, differentiation from competitors and a positive external image.
  • Compliance with standards by fulfilling regulatory requirements and authorisation criteria for tenders.

Blog post

Green IT Strategy

Strategy development for sustainable IT

The path to sustainable IT is often not hindered by a lack of expertise or tools, but by a lack of strategic perspective. Although the knowledge and tools for more sustainable IT solutions are easily accessible, corporate IT is lagging behind when it comes to sustainability.

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