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Microsoft Cloud Computing with Azure

Strategic element of the digital transformation

Microsoft Azure as the foundation for your digital transformation to the cloud

Cost efficiency. Scalability. Flexibility. Availability. The advantages of successfully introducing cloud computing are obvious. It is the basis for innovation through modern topics such as blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, the data centre in the cloud increases productivity in the company, as cloud services enable networked working in a lightweight way.


The momentum of cloud computing as a technology driver and the regulatory, data protection, governance and IT security requirements are slowing down planned digitalisation projects. A clear cloud strategy with milestones and measures as well as the skills required to master the task are often lacking. In addition to the selection of suitable applications, services and infrastructure, the integration of cloud services into the existing infrastructure represents an additional hurdle when outsourcing processes and services. In the cloud, the question arises as to how the potential of the cloud can be utilised.


With a holistic approach (end-2-end) - from the development of a cloud strategy focussing on legal and regulatory requirements, to the creation of a migration plan and the technical setup of the cloud infrastructure and the migration of applications, we accompany and support you in your cloud projects. The Cloud Transformation Journey ends with operation and continuous optimisation - as well as accompanying change management. Determining the maturity level of the cloud services used is crucial. If you have already taken the first steps into the cloud, a holistic approach with further integrations and reviews can ensure the desired success in the long term.

Your benefit

  • Standardised management, security and governance for IT resources at all locations (local, hybrid, multi-cloud)
  • Compliance with regulatory and security requirements thanks to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions
  • Cost savings through the cloud thanks to elastic capacities and billing only for the resources that are actually used
  • Process improvements through flexibility, agility and scalability by providing capacity on demand
  • Shorter time-to-market for new products and services thanks to hybrid cloud environments that combine local data and new cloud functions using AI and advanced analyses
  • Setup for digitalisation projects in the areas of Modern Workplace & Collaboration, Data & Analytics, Customer Experience Management and AI

Green Cloud

Achieving sustainability goals with Microsoft technologies

adesso supports you in achieving your sustainability goals by Digitalization Measures in the Area of Cloud Computing

Germany wants to become climate neutral by 2045. What can German companies contribute to this? To achieve this, it is imperative to deal with sustainability goals at an early stage in order to accelerate a realignment of internal strategies and processes. The new challenges can only be mastered with a sustainable sustainability strategy that combines customer orientation and business success.

Exploit the opportunities of digitization to drive sustainability forward.

Benefit from our digitization and expertise, best practices as well as experience and turn them into your sustainability capabilities - with Microsoft's tools & capabilities. Azure provides data platforms that allow a high level of transparency across the supply chain, both in terms of social and environmental factors. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables comprehensive, integrated, and automated analytics to help you understand your environmental footprint and reduce it through targeted actions. For example, with the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator Power BI application, you can see how much CO2 emissions are generated by the Azure services you use.

Cloud migration - Let's get specific, please!

Many companies find it difficult to develop a real cloud strategy. In addition, it is often not clear which concrete steps have to be taken after the decision for the cloud and a cloud provider in order to transfer the applications. This blog post fills that gap and provides concrete steps on how to proceed so decision makers can get started effectively.

Learn more in our blog post

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