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Designing attractive and implementable future scenarios to ensure greater confidence in making decisions

Is your innovation project not running smoothly?

The high level of technology, availability of data and social trends offer vast future potential. However, many innovation projects are stopped early or do not achieve the necessary acceptance in everyday life. It is not enough to have good ideas and implement them technically. Imagination is also required when it comes to future scenarios, the critical shaping of ideas and early initialisation of changes – all within a managed framework.


How do you plan for tomorrow today? Technologies open up a multitude of new options for us today. For many of our customers, the ability to identify and shape innovations has become a key factor for their future competitiveness – and one of their greatest challenges. On the one hand, it is important to optimise the core business, and, on the other hand, new, customer-centred innovations need to stimulate growth.

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adesso helps you find the right questions about the future. We work to stimulate new ideas and design attractive future scenarios with you that provide an overview. The adesso Innovation Check and Innovation Roadmap give your company the orientation it needs to find new opportunities and paths as well as clear strategies and concepts.



The time when a department was able to formulate all the requirements for digital solutions is a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the technical possibilities for designing digital solutions have raced past the imagination of the traditional department in the fast lane.

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In the meantime, options for designing digital solutions are becoming increasingly difficult to manage for decision-makers or users in the traditional specialist area, and future unclear requirements are becoming increasingly difficult to formulate.

On the basis of a tailor-made future orientation as well as an eye for the essentials, adesso designs ideas and concepts with you that offer demonstrable added value. In interdisciplinary teams, we think through the possibilities and potential of technology in combination with the economic framework conditions and the future needs of people in accordance with the methods and principles of digital design.



Particularly in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), the understanding of all people involved and affected is often underestimated. We know that a vibrant culture is necessary to integrate innovative ideas into everyday life in a way that suits everyone. Early in the design process, prototypes support the imagination and experience, because ‘understood’ does not yet mean ‘grasped’, and ‘grasping’ comes from ‘handling’. For this purpose, adesso uses holistic control processes from digital design, change management and agility to quickly transfer concepts to the stage of implementation and integration.

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The advantages are obvious

Our experts help you to come up with good ideas and implement them quickly. To be able to anchor these innovations effectively, however, it is often also necessary to identify the right questions about the future, get involved early and gradually try out new developments in everyday life. Along the way, adesso ensures:

#1 Orientation and decision-making confidence through inspiration, overview knowledge, control tools and navigation skills

#2 Design skills by supporting the power of imagination and holistic methodological competence

#3 Connectivity through team diversity, early participation, testing of ideas and controlled piloting in everyday life

Successful projects – satisfied customers

We have helped companies and organisations from different sectors and areas in various projects to successfully master their innovation projects. Our customers include RWE Power, Daimler, Wilo and toom Baumarkt.

Do you have any questions?

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