How do you plan for tomorrow today?

How things used to be

The increasing complexity and speed of our time forces us to look at connections in a new way more and more frequently, and it constantly confronts us with new challenges. We often lack the orientation, overview and decision-making framework with regard to which trends, technologies and new ideas are important for our business and what can be connected.

Finding orientation in the future means looking for the right questions about the future. Only these enable us to think beyond our entrenched views – but we often lack the time to do this. Last but not least, accepted procedures for developing a stable, plannable strategy often remain ineffective in an environment where the next step is hazy, and no one knows yet whether a solution approach will work or not.

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Then innovation comes into play

Technologies open up a multitude of new options for us today. In the trend laboratory, adesso breathes new life into your future business, coming up with innovative ideas that we then turn into attractive future scenarios together with you. The Innovation Check, on-site environment analysis and experience mapping provide us with the overview we need to be able to see which questions, topics and potential are relevant. The Innovation Roadmap allows us to summarise the findings from customer experience, business development and innovation excellence that enable decisions to be taken for the next step.

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The situation today

Stimulating dialogues keep things moving: The current situation with regard to customers, users or business potential is supplemented and validated with a clear focus on the future. As a result, those involved gradually improve their power of imagination and ability to visualise future deployment scenarios. A common and initial vision of the future emerges.

Our Innovation Guides choose interaction formats that integrate different perspectives and use visualisation and understandable language to promote the development of knowledge. This ensures that the participants know how to deal with future challenges. Their decision-making structure contains a clear design framework and control tools to be able to initiate and evaluate new opportunities and paths, ideas, concepts and creative processes.

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‘We were surprised to find that trends such as open data community or gamification are to play a central role in the further automation of our digital services, in addition to the use of AI.’
Colin Hudgell, Head of IT European Power, RWE Generation UK PLC

Successful projects – satisfied customers

We have helped companies and organisations from different sectors and areas in various projects to successfully master their innovation projects.

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