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From a vague idea to a specific business model

Digital transformation has now been thoroughly considered, analysed and commentated by every expert. The time has come to implement it. Your customers are ready to be won over by services and products that make the most of digital opportunities. Companies have two tasks. The first is to identify the topics that motivate their target groups. Using this as a basis, the second task is to develop services that win over these target groups. This may sound simple but in the face of the wild array of new customer requirements, new technologies and new competitors, it is no easy task. We have the right tools for the tasks: for identification we have the Interaction Room and for implementation we have cyber-physical systems.

The Interaction Room – your digital transformation within four walls

Do you want to rapidly gain an overview of your digital opportunities? The Interaction Room (IR) is a project tool that provides you with the key facts needed for your digital transformation. It is ready to use within a few days and can be implemented within a few weeks. By the end, you will have in front of you a list of your company’s most promising digitisation opportunities. By applying simple rules and focusing on the visual representation of facts, the IR facilitates discussion on an equal footing among staff from the different departments that are involved in the project.


Cyber-physical systems – the consequence of digital transformation

For many companies, the full potential of digital transformation comes to expression using cyber-physical systems (CPS). A CPS links digital systems with real-life objects and processes. These systems provide you with the opportunity to see the physical world through digital eyes. This allows you to identify potential in places where previously, all you saw was an object. Every machine, every household appliance and every car that is connected to the Internet is more than just an object that happens to have an IP address. For each of these objects, new opportunities are opening up, new processes are becoming conceivable and new business models are emerging.

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