Digital Transformation

Practical examples – from startup to global player

Every path to digital transformation is different. But the reasons for such a new beginning are similar: Dissatisfaction with the status quo meets the will to change. We invite you to get to know several companies, authorities and institutions that have already completed some steps along this path and have tried out new organisational forms, work methods and technologies.

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Case Studies Union Investment and Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen


Case study Union Investment

Union Investment takes internal processes to mobile end devices

Mobile applications can provide faster and more streamlined processes within business environments, provided experts develop and introduce them intuitively and skilfully. Enterprise mobility is not a matter of simply now making the functions, which employees have so far mainly used on a PC, available on a smartphone. Those responsible need to prepare selected processes for mobile end devices in such a way that employees can integrate them seamlessly into their working life. A project conducted at Union Investment is an example of how companies can develop and implement this strategic topic.

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Case study SWM

Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen geht die Digitale Transformation an

Mit neuen Technologien bestehende Abläufe verbessern, neue Angebote und Geschäftsmodell sind für die Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH die Essenz der Digitalen Transformation. Dabei ist für die Maschinenbauer klar, dass alle Technologie nichts nützt, wenn die Prozesse und die Kultur nicht dazu passen. Deswegen begreifen die Experten die Digitale Transformation im ersten Schritt als organisatorische Aufgabe – erst dann geht es um Technik.

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Further topics around the digital transformation

We bring digital transformation to you

If you are currently in a similar situation and are addressing the same kind of issues facing the responsible parties in our practical examples, we would love to talk to you. Not because we have any ready-made answers up our sleeves but because we can offer you our experience and expertise and are passionate about simply making things happen.

I look forward to talking to you in person.
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