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How can ideas be experienced?

How things used to be

In the IT industry, there was always someone who said what to build, that is, the department. The latter only had to formulate requirements. Dividing tasks in this way no longer works today because the requirements are often unknown. The understanding of the impact of digital potential on user needs, business and the related expectations vary widely today. Digital transformation projects are innovative by nature. These projects require greater design skills that complement the perspective of technology, business and people. The architecture role, which is known from other industries and is responsible for designing solutions and developing requirements together with the implementation team, is often missing.

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Then design comes into play

As soon as important questions about the future and the design framework have been defined, we develop the first ideas together with you in the Interaction Room. In keeping with the principles of digital design, adesso ensures early conceptual interlinking of the solution level, use cases and the digital system. In the process, the teams work out the potential of the technology in combination with the economic options and the future needs of people. In the lab, prototypes support the proof of technology. In addition, the pitch story is used to review the customer and business value.

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The situation today

In shaping the ideas and concepts of the Digital Design team, our Innovation Guides use design methods that integrate the perspectives of business, people and technology in an interdisciplinary way. This closes translation gaps and enables early testing and validation.

We use design excellence, holistic control processes, agility and our adesso innovation workshops (Lab and Interaction Room) to quickly generate ideas and experiences through shared understanding and to transfer the concepts to the stage of implementation and integration. In addition to providing solutions, design and implementation are simultaneously set up as a process of gaining knowledge for your learning organisation.

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‘In the AI boot camp, our ideas from the JAM session in the Interaction Room finally became tangible. The setup up to that point was very effective: great atmosphere and team energy, intelligent facilitation and designs that enabled us to always keep an eye on our story.’
Oksana Call, Innovation Manager, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Successful projects – satisfied customers

We have helped companies and organisations from different sectors and areas in various projects to successfully master their innovation projects.

Why do we need digital designers?

Kim Lauenroth, Chief Requirements Engineer at adesso and Chairman of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e. V., explains how digital designers simplify software development, design digitalisation projects professionally and become digital designers in the first place.


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