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Information technology is the ultimate driving force for innovation. In an increasing number of companies, IT is the key arena in which decisions about future-oriented business models or new services are made. The trick is to identify the potential of IT and to exploit it. At the InnovationWORKshops, we bring together a whole range of different measures for the very specific purpose of helping you to identify your own opportunities.

Take a hands-on approach. Tinker around and try things out.

The concept for the InnovationWORKshops is based on the very simple idea that there is a close relationship between taking a hands-on approach and making discoveries. Our trained and certified experts work through the various elements with you – the technique workshop, the think tank, the ideas workshop and the trend laboratory. In the process, something that often seems unfathomable is rendered tangible: the potential within your IT department and your IT structures.

Technique workshop

At the technique workshop, we look at concepts for developing innovative IT systems. Here, your team will discover methodologies such as design thinking, Interaction Room, requirements engineering, usability engineering and Future Search. This allows you to try out, combine and develop your own methods that will suit your requirements.

Think tank

We enter the think tank so we can get creative together. The mantra here is as follows: Creativity is not a talent; it is a way of working. You will now be applying the approaches you developed in the technique workshop in order to specifically form new ideas for innovative systems and products.

Ideas workshop

It is often the case that an idea’s potential only becomes obvious when the specific outcome is actually in front of you. This is why we go to the ideas workshop, where your innovations can take on a concrete form. In this process, we use anything that will help us to understand better, including Lego bricks, sketches and 3D prints.

Trend laboratory

In the trend laboratory, we look together at the biggest trends and issues in the IT sector. These include 3D printers, crowdsourcing technology, drones, digital transformation, big data, Industry 4.0, Bitchain, mobile, smart data and the Internet of Things, to name but a few. Together, we analyse and consider which technologies are relevant for your business and business model.

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Dr. Kim Lauenroth
Chief Requirements Engineer

+49 231 7000-7000

Certified creativity

Our employees are trained on the basis of internationally recognized standards. This includes, for example, the IREB CPRE in the area of requirements engineering, or the UXQB CPUX in the areas of usability or user experience. We are involved in a wide range of committees, conferences and science.

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