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The forms of commerce

Digital commerce and various other forms

E-commerce started at the turn of the millennium with the launch of the first online shop. Two decades later, businesses are concerned with much more than just launching an online shop. With digital commerce, a wide range of models can be used for the online and offline shopping experience. Which types of commerce are currently trending and what do they entail?

What is composable commerce all about?

By definition, composable commerce is a ‘best-of-breed approach’ that is ideal for selecting and using the best (industry-leading) technology for various e-commerce approaches in each case. This is because not every use case in digital commerce is the same. Both suppliers/manufacturers and customers have different requirements in terms of information, processing and purchasing. Using the composable commerce approach makes it easy to operate with overall flexibility and on a case-by-case basis.

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What does content-driven (content commerce) commerce entail?

Content-driven commerce goes one step further than many other types of commerce, particularly as regards the quality of customer contact. It is very important to understand that with content-drive commerce the way to approach customers is not about using common advertising messages, but rather an authentic, information-driven communication concept with a high degree of added value. From social media to the company’s own websites and portals, to influencer activities, content commerce creates valuable informative messages that meet the customer where they are well before but also well after the purchase and, in the best-case scenario, retain them in the long term.


What is omnichannel commerce?

As the name suggests, omnichannel commerce is about contacting customers on every channel. So it is important for suppliers to be present with their products, pricing and the corresponding information, from procurement to dispatch, at all times and in all places. This can be achieved by using a coordinated technology concept; whereby, in omnichannel commerce, the technological basis is not yet uniform, but at least the content-related strategy is in place.


Unified commerce: one platform, every touchpoint

After omnichannel, comes unified commerce. With this strategy, you will meet the customers’ constantly growing demands and create an unforgettable customer journey – across all channels.


What is unified commerce?

Unified commerce refers to the cross-channel customer experience in digital commerce and therefore a unique shopping experience for the customer. With the trend towards unified commerce, the omnichannel strategy is being replaced. In this case, communication with customers was already taking place over various channels. However, the underlying systems were often not connected or interacted with one another other to only a limited extent. In unified commerce, all data is bundled and managed on a single platform. Communication with the customer takes place across all touchpoints – that is, in the physical world as well as the digital world. This creates a personalised experience in real time, even if the customer changes channels.

The market research company Gartner is of the opinion that using unified commerce can increase a company’s sales volume by at least 20 per cent by 2025. Having a holistic overview of the customer journey across every channel is of vital importance.

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Further topics concerning unified commerce

Digital commerce or e-commerce – what’s the difference?

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