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6,000 different people - one common idea

Every day, 6,000 people come together at adesso. They develop software, deal with technologies, throw themselves into projects, consult companies. They inspire new employees for adesso. They make sure that invoices are written or keep our IT running. Completely different areas of responsibility, in which completely different people work. More about who these adessi are on these pages.

What they all have in common: they want to make adesso a "great place to be". A place where every person can contribute just as he or she is.

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Gender diversity - we still have a way to go

A look at the facts confirms what the view into our corridors suggests: adesso is a male-dominated company. For the time being. Because with our initiatives such as She for IT, we are working to ensure that the figures develop in the right direction. We document our progress at regular intervals. We will continuously expand and update the figures on this page.

Share of female managers 14 %

Share of Women 24 %

FlexWork employees 1000

Gender diversity

Hei, olemme adesso – Hello, mi vagyunk adesso - Hello, we are adesso

According to the UN, there are 195 independent countries - and adessi come from over 80 of them. We are pleased that we can inspire people from all over the world for the company. Working across national borders, intercultural teams - all this is part of everyday life for us. Growth outside Germany ensures that we will become even more international in the future.


Do you have any questions?

Would you like to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion or do you have questions about specific aspects? Get in touch with us.

Stephanie Degen

Equal Opportunities Officer/Diversity Contact Person Stephanie Degen +49231 7000-7000


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