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Our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion

Our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion

We want to stop pigeonholing people. Our goal is to accept people in all their complexity and uniqueness; the main focus of which is the aspiration to accept every person as they are. The diagram below gives an impression of the variety of possible aspects we consider in the process.

Charter of Diversity

Source: www.charta-der-vielfalt.de

If you wish to change something, you must first understand it. Our initiatives and activities are based on the definitions of the key terms ‘diversity’, ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’. Behind all these prosaic descriptions lie the deeply human aspects of cooperation and coexistence at adesso. All three of those areas are interwoven. They build on one another and merge into one another.


People are different and individual. We treat every difference with respect and appreciation, whether age, ethnicity and nationality, gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion, sexual orientation, social background or anything else. At adesso, we see diversity as an enrichment. We utilise the existing potentials and benefit from each individual contribution.

Employees in a conversation in the office


The pursuit of equity goes beyond simple formal and legal interpretations of it. The goal is to eliminate imbalances in social systems. At adesso, this means providing a framework within which all employees can contribute individually. To achieve this, we remove potential barriers.

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This entails the concept of a culture of belonging: an environment that actively invites all people to participate. Inclusion means valuing the different abilities, skills, backgrounds and perspectives that each employee brings to the table. This leads to higher a degree of creativity, better decision-making, positive team dynamics and balanced risk management.

Employees in a conversation in the office

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Would you like to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion or do you have questions about specific aspects? Get in touch with us.

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