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New work in the insurance industry

The digital workplace with in|sure Workflow and in|sure Workplace

Fully integrated: processes, data and applications

ocial change and competitive pressure lead to strict requirements for insurance companies. Customers want their claims to be processed as quickly as possible, and in the wake of the pandemic, employees expect flexible working models with a high percentage of remote work. This drives the digitalisation of collaboration forward.

Constant streams of new information must be processed and made available in the right place in conjunction with the specialised processes. The digital workplace enables employees to access every important resource remotely in a holistic work environment. Consolidating relevant content and having the option to process things immediately provides optimal support for working from home and for collaboration – for high-quality service.

in|sure Workflow: an evolutionary system for process control and orchestration

With in|sure Workflow from adesso insurance solutions, manual and automated processes can be controlled end-to-end – from input management to processing in the core systems, to output management. Directly integrating systems for inventory and claims/benefits as well as cross systems can significantly increase the dark processing rate.

What sets in|sure Workflow apart:

in|sure Workflow operates with existing inventory and claims systems and is optimised for in|sure Ecosphere process control. Multiple input and output channels can be easily integrated.

Maximising the end-to-end automation of numerous insurance processes frees up personnel capacities for your core business.

in|sure Workflow provides universal business process execution that is preconfigured for automating insurance processes.

Real-time monitoring (near real-time) of the entire process enables you to perform targeted analyses and quickly make optimisations.

Definitions of processes and rules can be customised to fit any customer at any time, which makes it possible to map process specifics and business rules.

Skills-based task distribution helps to make manual claims processing efficient and to significantly minimise the error rate.

in|sure Workplace: the central work interface for processing claims

in|sure Workplace offers claims handlers a central work interface. Combining it with in|sure Workflow facilitates continuous process management with efficient manual claims processing.

What sets in|sure Workplace apart:

in|sure Workplace is integrated into in|sure Workflow’s process management system and works with all specialist systems in the in|sure Ecosphere. Connecting to external third-party systems is possible as well.

Optimal process management is achieved by means of the push or pull principle. Assigning tasks in a targeted manner (push) and making them available in a team inbox (pull) reduces processing time and lowers the error rate.

in|sure Workplace is a unique central work interface on the market that provides all the necessary functions and makes it possible to jump to the necessary systems to complete specialised tasks.

The claims processor receives a comprehensive contextual overview of the case at hand as well as direct access to the specialist systems.

Using colour coding to define service level agreements and monitoring them for issues according to the input channel as well as escalating the issues by means of house-keeping processes ensures high-quality results.

A customisable, modern inbox for managing claims at the bright processing level makes processing claims convenient.

What we offer

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to set up an appointment with you, in which we will introduce you to the two solutions in|sure Workflow and in|sure Workplace and give you a live demonstration in which we will guide you through the various possibilities and functionalities of the digital workplace of the future.

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