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Innovative and forward-looking training for your lottery retailer outlet

Virtual reality as a training tool

Virtual reality (VR) has to do with the perception of a virtual reality in real time. In VR, reality is reflected in an interactive, virtual lottery retailer outlet. Using this technique makes it possible to simulate a wide variety of different situations and experiences.

This simulation helps users to gain experience for situations outside of the virtual lottery retailer outlet. Due to the high level of authenticity that these learning experiences offer, your employees will also be able to better remember what they have learned.

Innovation in training

Innovation should also play a central role in the furthering of your team’s education. There are several different reasons why you stand to benefit from adding virtual reality to your training portfolio.

The fusion of business and innovation Decentralised learning is being encouraged Challenges in human resources Dealing with new media Individualised learning

Challenges in human resources

Young people often feel that established businesses are not keeping up with the times. Digital solutions appeal to young and innovative target groups and rouse their curiosity.

Dealing with new media

Innovation always entails becoming familiar with something new, and it’s no different with our virtual reality training. Dealing with new media teaches your employees how to take on new challenges with an open mind.

Decentralised learning is being encouraged

Time and place are irrelevant when it comes to learning with virtual reality. When the app is loaded, you can learn anywhere and at any time.

Individualised learning

Virtual reality allows your employees to learn at their own pace. This promotes memory recall of what was learned and is thus significantly more effective.

The fusion of business and innovation

The use of virtual reality is associated with a high degree of innovation. Use this association to your company’s advantage by printing your company logo on carboard virtual reality glasses and giving them away at trade fairs.

Virtual assistance for more authenticity

In the future, your employees will be able to simulate customer contact directly at the lottery retailer outlet. Our innovative VR training software creates a simulation of a real-world environment under the most authentic conditions possible.

Our virtual assistant LISA is available to your employees to provide even more authenticity.

  • LISA answers questions about keywords.
  • LISA asks questions about various topics.
  • The questions don’t have to follow a specific structure or procedure.
  • The procedure can be managed using the main menu on your laptop.
  • The conversation is evaluated directly after the training session has ended.
  • Speech recognition is supported by Google Cloud.
  • Text recognition provides reliable recognition of logical content.
  • Spoken words are checked against our database of synonyms.

Our VR training software offers you a myriad of features that make your training simulation more realistic.

Simple implementation for any company

There are only a few technical requirements for the optimal display of our virtual reality and virtual assistant. Users simply need a pair of carboard glasses and an iOS or Android capable smartphone on which the VR training will be held. The smartphone’s screen will be their window into the virtual reality.

In most cases, you will quickly find that your team meets the key technical requirements, making our virtual reality training even easier to use.

Benefits for you and your team

– Self-paced learning

– Promotion of personal responsibility

– Training anytime, anywhere

– Sales negotiation training

– Promotion of innovation through creative learning environments

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