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An AI-based ticket recognition revolutionizes the lottery industry

The adesso lottery tablet solution is the world's first lottery terminal based on conventional consumer hardware. The terminal is ready to use at short notice, offers significant cost advantages, and is already being used successfully at retailers. With the support of a proven artificial intelligence (AI), it offers incomparable recognition quality. Whether adverse lighting conditions in the retailer shop or crumpled playslips, our software with integrated machine learning algorithms processes playslips quickly with unprecedented quality.

adesso lottery tablet

Features and characteristics

Features and characteristics

The solution uses artificial intelligence to recognize the marked boxes and numbers on lottery playslips, taking playslip reading to a new level.

Cloud-based transmission

A simple photo of the playslip is enough to evaluate the data in the cloud.

Precise legibility

The AI recognizes the marked numbers and boxes, even with kinks or unfavorable lighting conditions.


The handy tablets replace bulky terminals in the retailer shop, which means less space is required. In addition, the solution is mobile and can be used at different locations.

Modernization of playslip reading

Commercially available tablets with integrated cameras reduce acquisition costs compared to conventional terminals.

Increased efficiency

The tablet solution enables efficient processing of sales transactions.


The AI models can be continuously trained with new data to adapt to different playslip types.


The solution can be adapted to the needs and requirements of different lotteries and lottery vendors to achieve optimal performance.

In addition to the actual sales tablet, the adesso lottery tablet solution also includes a game preparation tablet with a digital signage display. Among other things, we offer the player the possibility to fill out their ticket digitally. With the help of the optionally available shopping cart server, the game preparation tablet can be connected to all classic lottery terminals. This means that it can be integrated into any retailer shop.

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game preparation tablet with included digital signage display

Game preparation tablet with included digital signage display

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