An AI that gives your product information structure and flair

How things used to be

Is the jumper 100% wool or cotton? Is the garden furniture made from aluminium or stainless steel? Creating clear-cut descriptions in product information systems (PIM), checking that the information is complete and there are no contradictions and keeping it all up-to-date is a never-ending cycle for employees. Making sure the information in product descriptions is accurate is of vital importance for companies, not just for customer communication but for managing internal processes such as procurement and logistics as well. Growing sizes of product ranges make this task even more complicated because, despite all the moves towards automating processes, this one still requires a lot of manual work.

Then AI came along

An AI-based system that is trained to create product information can provide targeted support for those involved and automate routine tasks. This includes merging extensive texts from different sources, formulating consistent descriptions based on these texts, detecting any missing information and supplementing or researching it.

However, an AI with text comprehension can do more than just improve existing processes. It could also feasibly be used to refine product information in a new way, for example by creating customised descriptions that can be provided to potential customers.

The situation today

Using properly trained AI applications, companies can write precise, structured, personalised and concise descriptions for larger product ranges. This means managers can expand product ranges faster or identify similarities between different offerings in extensive databases.

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Artificial intelligence in retail

Learn more about how AI can turn the "quite good" of today into the "wow" of tomorrow.

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