Statutory health insurance providers

Recognising and fully exploiting the potential of digitalisation

Digitalisation offers enormous opportunities for health insurance providers

Individual services for policyholders, telemedicine, automated and more efficient processes as well as care management include key fields of action for the statutory health insurance providers. From analysis of your processes and solutions to technical concepts through to implementation and operation, you can overcome the challenges you face in your digital transformation project with adesso Health at your side.

>> As well as having expert knowledge of health insurance processes, we also have many years of industry experience in the area of consulting in transformation and solution design projects as well as in the development and integration of large core systems for our customers in the health sector. This combination is what makes adesso such a strong digitalisation partner.

Axel Gruhn, Head of Health Insurance Providers Unit, adesso SE

Axel Gruhn

An overview of our services

We help you assess your status quo and set common goals:

Our experts are there to support you on your path to establishing a consistent, long-term digitalisation strategy in a highly regulated healthcare system and redefine care solutions, especially in terms of the opportunities available to you.

To make it easier for you to navigate this process, adesso has developed a tried-and-tested and scientifically based assessment that can be used to evaluate your level of maturity in the area of digitalisation. The result is an accurate assessment of the status quo, which can be used to define tailor-made, holistically planned processes to achieve and implement your vision.

Unlike other competitors on the market, we offer more than just a strategy based in theory. We also implement the digitalisation strategy and develop software based on your needs, support you during rollout and subsequent operation and implement partner systems.

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Have you defined your digitalisation strategy, recognised the need for action and are now planning to optimise your existing IT landscape or migrate it to a new architecture? If so, our industry experts are there to provide the methodological skills that match your needs perfectly.

adesso offers you practical support in process consulting and in the implementation of systems and customised software.

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What CO2 emissions are to ecological sustainability, health is a key indicator of social sustainability. Digital solutions act as a facilitator in helping to achieve global sustainability goals. They allow us to overcome complex challenges, conserve resources and achieve a high standard of living. In light of this, adesso takes a holistic view of sustainability. We firmly believe that the aspects of ecological, social and economic sustainability can also be applied in the health sector in particular and to health care more specifically.

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We develop customised software solutions and platforms for you. We do this with passion and proven excellence on a technological and professional front. Complex core systems are our passion because this is where the link between the technical requirements and the technology is made. When it comes to backend or frontend solutions, adesso is your full-service development partner to help you overcome your complex digitalisation challenges.

Our team of experts is there to support you – from the original idea and requirements engineering to implementation as well as stakeholder and risk management, right through to operation and maintenance.

In order to select the right technology, adesso routinely scrutinises and discusses the latest and established technologies within the group and in the individual departments of our company.

The adesso Technology Radar encourages discourse on technical solution elements. It currently contains well over 200 ratings for methods and techniques, tools, platforms as well as languages and frameworks.

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Is the only thing you are missing is a developer with the special skills you need? If that is the case, contact adesso!

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Our specialists offer in-depth professional and technological expertise and fill the roles you need for the successful implementation of your projects. Every project is different, each one requiring a strategy properly tailored to your needs. Whether you are talking about a single agile implementation sprint or a complex, multi-client program management project lasting several years, we bring your project to a successful conclusion. We employ standardised methods to find the right project management structure, including PMI, Prince2, Scrum and other agile or hybrid setups such as adesso’s very own Pragmatic IT Project Management, or PIT-PM for short.

Our experienced team works with staff at all levels of your company on equal footing and bring the knowledge needed for the specific field of healthcare you operate in.

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adesso is a technology and vendor-neutral provider offering both consulting and implementation services. The question of whether to deploy cloud solutions is accompanied by very specific regulatory and technical challenges, especially when dealing with personal health data. This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

adesso is not only a partner for the relevant cloud and hosting infrastructure providers. It also has experience in the analysis, transformation or migration of IT landscapes and services. Working with our adesso as a service GmbH subsidiary, we offer you everything from a single source – from full-service consulting to the operation of your solution.

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The systematic management of all internal and external processes is becoming more and more important for statutory health insurance providers, too. When supply, administrative or sales processes are involved, digitalisation supports the automation and efficient design of recurring processes and time-consuming routine activities.

End-to-end process digitalisation should be the stated aim so that your customers and employees are given the best possible opportunities to succeed.

Which digital process strategies and associated technologies are the right ones for you depends on your situation at the start of the process, your needs and your vision. In many cases, this could include customised software solutions that have to fit your company’s requirements and can be adapted as needed. We help you define the processes that are right for you.

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Intersectoral communication is one of the links between Germany’s healthcare ecosystems and between adesso Health’s customer groups. Anchored in Book V of the German Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch, SGB), TI is generating increasing benefits in this area. adesso provides the solution and consulting modules that match the current and future features of your telematics infrastructure. These range from ePA-PLUS applications, framework apps solutions, IDP/IAM integrations, eRezept, eAU through to future TI services such as the TI Messenger (TIM). These services are available to all TI stakeholder groups, public/private health insurers, service providers, patients and other stakeholders in the health care system.

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adesso smile

High performance for your performance management

adesso smile is an open and flexible platform that supports cost carriers in cost and performance management. The first platform product offers innovative solutions in hospital case management with a focus on hospital billing audit. This applies in particular to automated testing and control with decision-making.

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Do you have any questions?

No matter what phase you are in with your project, we are there to provide you with consultancy and ensure that your project gains momentum.


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