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PBM campaign platform

The omnichannel solution for integrated campaign management

Personalised and interactive campaigns perfectly organised on all channels

The PBM campaign platform allows for the fast and flexible roll-out of campaigns with personalised customer contact:

  • All media is personalised on the basis of a central business logic and can be communicated over any channel. This creates smart customer journeys with maximum response and conversion rates.
  • The campaign platform’s tracking concept enables maximum transparency and analysis options throughout the entire customer journey.

Use Cases

Initial situation and objective

Increasing digitalisation is making its mark on corporate clients as well. Slowly shrinking margins are forcing financial institutions to optimise their systems and processes more and more. Corporate client mandates are characterised by a combination of diverse and individual engagements. These days, communication processes are dominated by the knowledge that corporate client consultants possess. The development of individual and situationally appropriate offers is moulded by extensive manual research. In addition, the improvements that have been made in allowing clients to compare service offers digitally is causing there to be fewer and fewer barriers to them switching providers.

The Approach

Combine the skills of your established and empathetic corporate account managers with the diverse capabilities of a data-driven personalization solution. This allows the incalculable influencing factors such as price, currency, and commodity developments - to name just a few - to flow even better into a targeted approach.

Many institutions have already taken an important first step with corporate customer portals, on the basis of which information from various sources is made available in consolidated form. In many places, work is already being done on real-time capability. With PBM, these developments can be ideally expanded with powerful and cross-channel communication that is profitable for all sides.

For existing customers:

  • Individual alternative offers with "what if" analyses
  • Refinancing
  • Follow-up offers when products expire (e.g. bonds)
  • Use of situational advantages for early redemption
  • Extension of payment terms
  • Targeted marketing (for example, factoring)
  • Utilization of subsidies and/or government grants

For new customers:

  • Personal welcome package
  • Campaigns for targeting new customers
  • Promotions on various occasions (such as anniversaries)
  • Digital applications and openings

The formats are diverse and can be combined in any way - for example, by mail, web or mobile devices. Even personalized videos are possible.

The Result

With PBM, optimal support of a hybrid communication concept can be implemented: personal consulting and digital personalization. Personalized offers for the customer are fed into the consultant to ensure harmonization of the channels. By taking into account multiple influencing factors on a complex customer mandate, significant added value is generated and customer loyalty is increased. Communication is structured and continuous. Customer needs can thus be managed and developed holistically, for example from equity financing to medium- to long-term financing.

Initial situation and objective

The ever-increasing digitalisation and the corresponding trend towards digital processing of financial transactions are having a massive impact on bank communications. Banks are being forced to optimise processes by using digital self-services. Furthermore, consultants have less time to communicate with customers and personalised recommendations suffer due to the amount of time needed for manual research. At the same time, customers are becoming increasingly aware of costs – in part due to comparison portals being heavily marketed. This leads to a decrease in institutional ties and makes it easier for customers to switch banks.

The approach

Personalised communication is achieved through the interaction of various components such as partner data/CRM, marketing automation, data warehouse and/or data lake as well as the content management system. The PBM media engine is used to prepare personalised assets and cross-channel presentation. The following are potential specific approaches for private customers:

For existing customers:

  • Refinancing or rollover offers
  • Deferrals/flexible instalment breaks
  • Conversion of loan instalments into pension products upon loan expiry
  • Personalised investment proposals based on the individual suitability test
  • Personal portfolio reporting

For new customers:

  • Personal welcome package
  • Campaigns targeted at new customers
  • Promotions
  • Personalisation of application routes and termination prevention

These come in many different formats – for example, by post, web or over mobile devices – which can be combined as desired. Even personalised videos are an option.

PBM shows its strengths with a multi-stage sales process involving different products and sales partners. An example of this would be a primary bank selling the investment products of various capital management or insurance companies.

The result

PBM enables a continuous and personalised customer journey across all of the bank’s communication channels (harmonisation of touch points). The personalised approach increases customer loyalty as the bank has a closer relationship with their customers and can react promptly and accordingly. This means cross and up-selling potential can be better leveraged. The data-driven approach reduces the amount of manual research required. Personalised offers can be made with direct closing (in accordance with regulatory requirements) and terminations are reduced – even during the onboarding process. Additional added value is also generated through the introduction of partner products, for example, white labelling of investment or pension plans.

Initial situation and potential

Few other areas combine opposites as well as private wealth and asset management. On the one hand, the stock markets are characterised by high volatility and thus often by uncertainty, while on the other hand, a wealthy private customer or institutional investor, for example, expects continuity and long-term orientation. A hybrid, coordinated form of communication has been proven to work. Customers in market segment require a personal approach and mass affluent campaigns are not a suitable basis for communication. Monitoring complex portfolios and developing personalised recommendations with a suitable approach is time-consuming. There is also little time for communication with existing customers.

The approach

The expansion of digital personalisation options for current customer care creates a wide range of added values and potential: a promising entry into PBM solutions. The digital repertoire of possibilities in this segment can be presented. Personalised videos in particular, in combination with personal support, create a high-level user experience. Customers are addressed digitally in a holistic manner, market developments are individually condensed into relevant options and continuously communicated via the preferred channels. Whether by traditional post, web, mobile or audio-visual, the customer is contacted via digital agents such as Alexa. Hyper-personalisation can be applied in all facets due to the wide range of customers here.

For existing customers:

  • Reinvestment of dividend distributions
  • Repayment of bonds
  • New issues
  • Themed investments
  • Product innovations
  • Personal portfolio development with a personalised video
  • Virtual annual meeting
  • Regroupings with ‘what if’ considerations and closing possibilities (suitability test, risk classification)

For new customers:

  • Personal welcome package
  • Campaigns targeted at new customers
  • Occasions such as anniversaries and/or birthdays
  • Invitations to events and/or road shows

These come in many different formats – for example, by post, web or over mobile devices – which can be combined as desired. Personalised videos based on PBM are already used by large international investment companies.

The result

PBM can provide a hybrid communication concept with optimal support. The harmonisation of personal support in combination with the digital approach ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. Considering the various factors influencing a complex customer mandate generates a high amount of added value. PBM enables you to have personalised communication in real time. This allows the necessary decisions to be initiated quickly with the customer – even during the final stages of communication, the bank becomes an even more active investment manager.

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