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SAP Hybris Billing

Reorientation of processes and systems

Business models and customer needs are changing - change your company with them.

Whether it’s to test digital products and services or tap into new customer segments, regions or sectors – developing partner networks in order to make investments is as much a part of digital transformation as omnichannel strategies. The establishment of new business models gives rise to all these effects and necessitates a reorientation of processes and systems.

Conventional CRM and billing systems are quickly exhausted when digital products and services are created. They often do not have the range of functions needed to satisfy the growing demand for omnichannel customer loyalty. Another cornerstone of digitalisation is that digital products and services are monetised in a future-oriented way.

Designing digital transformation in a future-orientated way

What companies need to do is adopt an all-encompassing approach in order to communicate consistently with their customers across all channels and functional activities, and market their products and services accordingly. With Hybris Billing, adesso and SAP offer you a solution portfolio that you can use to design your digital transformation in a future-orientated and profitable way.

From online store to billing solution – adesso is your professional partner for all matters related to complex billing issues.

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You will need to be able to flexibly manage your products and services if you want to satisfy your customers and optimally adjust your process to the company. Order entries, transfers and changes can be adjusted at any time to guarantee customer satisfaction as well as position targeted and effective offers.

All relevant consumption data is collected and processed via Mediation. You will be in full control of your data and can make optimum use of this, as you will be able to standardise and streamline your consumption data across systems – even in real time.

Create and process customised billing models and compatible participation models for your customers and partners within short turnaround times. This will allow you to react as rapidly as possible to market opportunities. Usage of your services is measured, evaluated and billed in real time, even for large contract volumes.

Finding the right price strategies for your customers is a challenge. You can create projections on future changes to customer behaviour with the aid of real or statistical customer usage data. It is also possible to adjust and modify pricing models at any time.

Create clear invoices for your customers in which all costs and services – including those from third-party providers – are listed in a structured manner. This offers an obvious advantage to your customers: They will be able to view their invoices anytime and anywhere.

You have the option of structuring and optimising your receivables and liabilities processes, as well as credit management, with the aid of customisable customer interactions. The Customer Financials component will allow you to automate routine tasks and therefore guarantees not only transparent revenue management, but also optimises all processes in your credit management.

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