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Digitalisation and the exponentially growing volume of data it entails are having a major impact on how our society is developing. In 2016, the volume of data generated worldwide was around 16 zettabytes; by 2026, this figure is set to increase more than tenfold to 163 zettabytes according to IDC estimates. At this point, an average digitally connected person will probably interact – consciously or unconsciously – with their devices and systems around 4,800 times per day. That equates to one interaction every 18 seconds. The influence of this development and the pressure exerted by a fast-growing global market has seen the demands placed on analysis systems grow enormously.

Our experts provide consultation and support to help you manage your data, draw up forward-looking plans and analyse and visualise your data.

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We are extremely passionate and committed when it comes to implementing our customers’ requirements. Almost anyone can rush through a project to get it done. Our experts, however, focus on establishing long-term partnerships with satisfied customers in which mutual trust ensures mutual success. Our satisfied customers include:

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