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A company’s success depends on effective business analysis. Added value is gained here through data analytics rather than simply collecting data. SAP Analytics offers a very broad portfolio of analysis and visualisation tools based on a harmonised and analysis-oriented database of data warehouse systems or data lakes. In addition, SAP offers numerous analysis tools to integrate other data sources.

Every company already uses analytical tools for its reporting. The most widespread in the SAP world are the Business Objects (BO) and Business Intelligence Suite products. These enable companies to create formatted, analytical reports, as well as ad-hoc reports. SAP’s range of products includes a variety of query and reporting tools that can be used to visualise information in a meaningful way.

SAP provides another analytics solution in the form of the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

The SAP Analytics Cloud is unlike any other in the BI and analytics sector, as it enables you to develop intuitive analytical reports and dashboards as well as planning and predictive applications. Other advantages include its extensive advanced analytics library, its proprietary design shaped by the integration of R scripts and thus the visualisation of mathematical models, its connectivity and integration of a wide variety of on-premise, cloud and other data sources as well as its capability of developing analyses quickly and easily.

Before deciding which SAP Analytics product to use in your company, our experts work with you to define basic requirements. These include:

  • Who will use the solution? Management, users or IT?
  • Should analytics or dashboards be self-service or generated by IT?
  • Is access web-based, via Microsoft or via GSuite?
  • Should reports also be accessible on mobile devices?
  • Will the reports be used offline, online or should both options be available?
  • Can reports be visualised with total accuracy?
  • Should people be able to leave comments?

Selecting the right tool depends on these criteria and many more. You can benefit from our years of experience in SAP analytics. If the SAP portfolio does not meet your requirements, we will develop your individual solution as a supplement. We evaluate your needs and then decide on the optimal software to use according to objective criteria together with you.

Our consulting services at one glance

Design and concept

  • Requirements engineering
  • Selection of the appropriate analytics tools


  • Business Explorer (BEx)
  • Business Objects Suite (BO)
  • GSuite Sheets SAP add-on
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
  • Self-developed analyses/dashboards using ABAP, BSP or SAPUI5

Maintenance and regular operation

  • Administration and adjustments according to your needs
  • Information on lifecycle management
  • Performance optimisation
  • Holding training sessions

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