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Data Management

Collect and process data to exploit the maximum utilisation potential

Keep control of your data – and we are here to help you do that

The reality at many companies these days is that they have enormous amounts of data scattered across a multitude of systems. This data needs to be prepared efficiently, regardless of the format it is in or the volume of it, if they are to maintain control and get the most out of the information they have available to them. We provide you with both organisational and technical advice, drawing on SAP’s SAP BW, HANA and BW/4 HANA solutions.

The right solutions for your requirements

An SAP Business Warehouse enables you to get an integrated and centralised view of your analytics data. The traditional warehouse solution has an organisational and technical design that allows it to be used to operate and develop different applications. We use our reference architecture to provide a standardised implementation process that has been successfully proven in many customer projects over the years. This architecture takes into account a low-maintenance and sustainable implementation process and the processing of large amounts of data from SAP and non-SAP systems, as well as cloud applications.

SAP HANA is a high-performance in-memory database that meets the increased analytical demands for agility, speed, flexibility and data timeliness, both as a standalone platform as well as in combination with SAP Business Warehouse. The introduction of BW/4 HANA is also seeing the role the traditional data warehouse undergo a major change. Among other things, the next-generation warehouse application enables data lakes and data warehouses to be merged in order to perform all types of analyses. In addition, it is easy to relocate the OLAP functions to the SAP HANA database as well as scale-out and archive large amounts of raw data on Hadoop clusters.

adesso provides you with comprehensive consultation to ensure you select the data warehouse architecture that is right for you. You can benefit from our expertise, our cross-sector experience and our in-depth connection with SAP.

Our consulting services at a glance

Design and concept

  • Requirements engineering
  • Data warehouse architecture


  • Data modelling and data extraction
  • Transformation (traditional or via HANA SQL script)
  • Data integration, consolidation and cleansing
  • Structuring of the company data and processes
  • Master data and document management
  • Data mining

Maintenance and regular operation

  • Administration and monitoring
  • User administration
  • Performance optimisation and review

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