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Customer management

Analysing, understanding and piquing interest

Identify the right customer groups independently and accurately

Microsoft solutions allow you to identify the right customer groups and suitable topics in an independent, targeted way. You can use this information as a basis to construct campaigns and chart their economic success in concrete terms. As far as customer management goes, our services range from analysing your initial situation and customer data through to adapting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft BI solutions to your requirements. Upon request, we operate your solutions and train your employees. Our team makes sure you are optimally prepared to focus on your tasks.

adesso Customer Loyalty - Our Workshop for Detailed Instructions for Action on Customer Centricity

We support you in your customer experience management projects. In a one-day workshop we evaluate your individual maturity level together and develop new innovative ideas based on your potentials.

Under certain conditions, the workshop is fully financed by Microsoft. We would be happy to check whether you are eligible for sponsorship.

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Customer Managment with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing and sales departments are affected by digital transformation to a particularly great extent – nowadays, interested parties and buyers are more informed than ever before and have access to a vast array of options. As a result, a successful company knows it will not be able to hook customers with standardised offers. Instead, it piques their interest with personalised, proactive services.

We develop custom customer management solutions for you based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and BI tools. These solutions ensure an optimal customer experience. They allow you to communicate with your customers in a personalised, memorable way. Two examples:

  • ‘Next-best offers’ The pattern system draws on the past data of all customers, which allows you to make predictions for individual customers. This in turn lets you offer products or services in a predictive way without requiring your customers to take action themselves. You simply handle your customers in a targeted way based on their individual interests and specific, current situation.
  • ‘Social listening systems’ Observe and analyse your customers’ activities on Facebook and other social media. If a customer expresses something about your company or one of your products via social media, they can address you through the channel in question directly. This lets you draw on authentic comments for your communication or immediately respond to complaints. Doing so ensures a positive experience for your customers – in a place where they might not have necessarily expected to get a reaction from your company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM + adesso = Take fullI advantage of opportunities

Our solutions provide you with effective customer value analyses that let your company take full advantage of your customers’ potential. See at a glance how much effort and income you put in for individual customers, and compare these values with one another. You can determine the most valuable customers at the click of a button and recognise which opportunities or risks individual customers present. Keep an eye on all of your customer development activities. This allows you to avoid cancellations in a targeted way, for example.

Our solutions take a 360-degree view to visualising the relevant data in order for you to be able to immediately recognise connections and thereby better manage your customers. In doing so, the system not only represents the customers, it also maps entire customer networks in a clear way. This means you can readily see how much additional potential there is for a company that already numbers among your customers, for instance. You can also determine this for a subsidiary of that company. As a result, you won’t let any opportunities pass you by.

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