Efficient customer management for company pension schemes

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SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG requires a future-proof and customisable customer management system (CMS) for the future administration and support of business customer relationships in the area of company pension schemes. Previously, customer communication was handled manually using database exports as well as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


The requirements and prerequisites for a future-proof customer management system were evaluated in advance as part of various workshops. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, a version customised for the "company pension scheme" sales area was implemented. Five entities were created and set up for the management of business customer relationships, enabling users to manage and organise all the necessary data. To optimise support and advice for business customers, five comprehensive processes were also implemented to guide users intuitively through the processes and make their daily work easier. In addition, Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and Dox42 were connected and partially integrated for administration. Other important milestones included the connection of interfaces. For example, data records are regularly imported from the inventory management system and the corresponding new additions and updates are reported back from the KMS via another interface. The project was rounded off with a deletion concept that ensures regular cleansing of the data records. The data in the KMS is regularly synchronised with the inventory management system and data to be deleted is marked for review by the respective user groups prior to deletion.


Bundled in a customer management system (KMS), users have the opportunity to manage and support their business customer relationships and handle company pension scheme processes. Continuous application management ensures the stable and secure operation and further development of the application.

SV Informatik GmbH supports companies, particularly in the insurance industry, in the management and processing of information and provides related services in the field of information technology. The services include the creation, provision and maintenance of computer programmes as well as the planning, provision and operation of electronic information processing equipment and systems on behalf of customers.

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