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Success as a Google Ads agency: adesso named Google Premier Partner

adesso’s teams have almost 20 years of project experience in Google Cloud and Google enterprise products. Having already received awards from its technology partner as a specialist for Google Cloud Data Analytics and Google Cloud Machine Learning in 2023, the IT service provider has now been recognised for its expertise in the effective use of Google Ads.

Since 2024, adesso has been able to call itself a Google Premier Partner and is now one of the top 3 % of all Google Ads partners in Germany. The highest possible rating attests to the digital marketing team of the adesso Digital Experience (adesso DX) business unit’s outstanding search engine advertising (SEA) expertise in the successful implementation and optimisation of numbers-driven, efficient advertising campaigns for corporate clients.

There are multiple reasons for adesso DX’s designation as a Google Premier Partner, including significant growth in the customer base in 2023 thanks to customer acquisition and retention. During that same period, the Google Ads advertising budget under management rose to a seven-figure euro amount. The fully certified digital agency also demonstrates a creative, customer-centric approach to the use of budgets that prioritises efficiency and impact. When implementing campaigns, for example, the team invests in a product mix that complements search ads with non-search ads served through YouTube, advertising displays, apps and e-commerce platforms. This enables the performance marketing experts to achieve the best possible reach for their clients, all while optimising budget utilisation.

The company’s inclusion in Google’s highest partner level benefits adesso and clients alike. In future, the digital marketing team will have access to exclusive beta functions in Google Ads, allowing them to test innovations and utilise them for new campaigns before they become widely available. They will also enjoy better access to Google experts for training and consulting purposes, as well as for customer support.

“Our special positioning as a consulting firm, creative agency and IT service provider all under one roof creates synergies that allow us to implement unique online marketing campaigns,” says Guido Ahle, Head of the Digital Experience business unit at adesso. “By improving our access to exclusive resources as a Google Premier Partner in the future, we will be in an even better position to provide our clients with made-to-measure, cost-effective digital marketing campaigns.”

Guido Ahle, Head of the Digital Experience division at adesso (Source: adesso)

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