New adesso trainees get down to practical work straight away

Dortmund | 1. August 2016

This year’s training programme for new trainees kicks off at adesso. On 1 August, the IT provider welcomed 13 new trainees and students enrolled in dual courses of study. They can expect to embark on a training programme with a strong practical focus and look forward to a successful career.

Seven of the new employees will complete a dual study programme in soft-ware technology at adesso. This combines in-company training as an IT spe-cialist in application development with a Bachelor of Science in software tech-nology from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. adesso will train the other six new employees in the traditional way – three as IT spe-cialists for system integration, two as specialists for office communication and one as an IT specialist for application development. For the first time, two young refugees from the conflict regions of Syria and Iran are among the group of new apprentices.

The training for the new employees is characterised by close interaction be-tween theoretical and practical work. This is not only guaranteed by the alter-nating phases at adesso and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts or the vocational collage – the apprentices also have access to numerous internal training courses the IT provider offers to all employees.

The future IT experts jump right into the practical side of their training. During the first few weeks they are already given the opportunity to participate in real-life projects, propose their own solutions and implement them with the expert support of the project team. They will familiarise themselves with modern software development through learning by doing. Specific training in various departments for several weeks will also help them to see the bigger picture. It will also give the apprentices insight into various adesso departments and give them a comprehensive understanding of how operational issues are related.

The students enrolled in dual courses of study starting on 1 August already represent the seventh year of this training model at adesso. In most cases, the dual students remain on at adesso as master’s degree students or permanent software developers after successfully completing their training.

“The dual study programme has proven to be a highly effective training model for both the apprentices and adesso. It allows them to lay the foundation for a successful career in IT,” says IT graduate Marion Deponte, head of the sup-port team for students completing dual courses of study at adesso in Dort-mund. “This is also confirmed by the fact that eight of our dual students from previous years passed the IHK exam for IT specialists in application develop-ment with above-average marks this year.”

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