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INTER Versicherungsgruppe commissions new inventory control system developed by adesso insurance solutions GmbH

The new accident insurance inventory control system successfully came online on 12 December 2017 thanks to the partnership between INTER Versicherungsgruppe and adesso insurance solutions GmbH. The entire contract inventory for new business is now managed using the new in|sure General Policy system.

Replacing their host-based inventory management and claims management systems for its property, liability and accident insurance (SHU) division is another milestone in the INTER Versicherungsgruppe’s aim to introduce a brand-new IT environment. The new environment is based on a common technology platform encompassing all inventory management and claims/service systems. As part of the project, INTER opted for the in|sure platform developed by adesso insurance solutions GmbH.

INTER introduced the in|sure General Claims claims management system for its SHU division at the end of 2016. The system came online for the accident insurance business unit on 12 December 2017, three weeks ahead of schedule. All new business and relevant change processes will now be managed using the new system, while existing business will be migrated across in the second quarter of 2018.

System development began in 2016 and was split up into four phases. The focal point of phase 1 was the development of a cross-unit base system. Despite accident insurance being the focus of the project, the development of the common data model also had to include other units, especially private and commercial insurance. Phase 2 was centred on the decision to create an independent product system technically detached from the existing system. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, products can now be modelled quickly and simply using the in|sure product manager. Phase 3 involved taking into account the requirements of peripheral systems and connecting interfaces on the basis of the standardised in|sure interface concept. The final phase, phase 4, comprised integration tests and preparations for the go-live.

“We were able to achieve our ambitious targets for this project thanks to the outstanding quality of the IT solutions and the commitment shown by adesso insurance solutions’ highly experienced teams,” said Holger Tietz, CEO of INTER Versicherungsgruppe. “The new inventory management system offers some clear advantages to us: automated processes, short development cycles and a resulting quick time-to-market.”

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