ARITHNEA to take over e-business activities from adesso

Munich/Dortmund | 17. November 2015

adesso’s content management and e-commerce activities will be pooled at digital business specialist ARITHNEA from 1 January 2016. As part of this move, the ARITHNEA team will be joined by some 50 adesso staff. At the same time, the IT service provider adesso AG is increasing its shareholding in ARITHNEA from 51 per cent to 100 per cent. With the restructuring effort, adesso and ARITHNEA are pursuing the aim of systematically advancing the defined growth and investment strategy.

Content management and e-commerce projects are generally the result of marketing or communication topics. They should therefore place greater focus on the customer than on internal IT systems or technical aspects. Doing just that is one key area of expertise at ARITHNEA. Headquartered in Neubiberg near Munich, the company knows what the demands in the age of the customer are ? thanks to comprehensive analysis and experience gained while successfully carrying out national and international projects in the content management and e-commerce environment. For adesso, pooling its e-business activities at ARITHNEA was therefore a logical decision. This move is related to the aim of enhancing ARITHNEA’s innovative capacity and promoting the company’s continued dynamic growth.

As part of the restructuring, adesso is increasing its shareholding in ARITHNEA from 51 per cent to 100 per cent. In addition, some 50 adesso staff will work directly at ARITHNEA in future as part of a transfer of operations. ARITHNEA will further expand its personnel at the Dortmund branch and be represented in future at the Jena location.

The new organisation and the move to pool expertise at ARITHNEA aim, in particular, to benefit the clients of the entire adesso Group. ARITHNEA will act as the central digital business specialist within the Group and provide clients with everything from analysis, strategy and advice to project management, implementation and operations all from a single source ? and it will do so with respect to business-related, creative as well as technical requirements. In future, ARITHNEA will look after existing adesso customers from the fields of digital marketing, content management and e-commerce. The restructuring will have absolutely no impact on the existing strategic partnerships of both companies.

There will also be changes to ARITHNEA’s management team, which will consist of Olaf Kleidon, Heiko Wilknitz and Michael Rittinghaus in future. Olaf Kleidon will continue to serve as CEO, and Heiko Wilknitz will continue in the position of COO. New to the ARTIHNEA management team is Michael Rittinghaus, who will also serve as COO. He currently works at adesso as the Software Development division manager.

“We expect that the adesso Group’s new alignment will send a strong signal to the market,” Olaf Kleidon says. “As a result, ARITHNEA will continue to strengthen its position as a strategic partner for major clients in the digital business sector. We will now be able to realise our growth target more easily, if not simply for the fact of being able to manage additional and more extensive projects with a greater number of colleagues.”

Michael Rittinghaus adds: “Pooling e-business activities at ARITHNEA was a logical step for adesso. In particular, all adesso Group clients stand to benefit from this move, as they will now be able to take advantage of the complete range of CMS, e-commerce and creation services, among others, from a single source. I look forward to being involved in this important step beginning in January as part of the ARITHNEA management team.”

As a strategic partner, ARITHNEA ( is shaping the future of digital business together with its clients. ARITHNEA analyses the requirements of companies in the B2B and B2C environment, provides them with tailored advice, develops sustainable strategies and implements those strategies with respect to their creative and technical aspects. Whether omnichannel platforms, portals, online shops or traditional websites, ARITHNEA creates shopping and brand experiences across all communication channels and national borders.

In addition to communications, professional and technical expertise, ARITHNEA’s experts have an internationally recognised project management certification and draw on extensive experience from numerous projects in Germany and abroad. Companies such as Airbus, Bader Versand, Barmenia, BSH Hausgeräte, Fressnapf, HABA-Firmenfamilie, KION Group, maxdome, Ottobock, Robert Bosch, Telefónica Germany (o2) and VDI Verlag trust in ARITHNEA’s know-how.

ARITHNEA employs some 145 permanent staff. It is headquartered in Neubiberg near Munich and has branches in Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The company is part of a successful partner network and partners with Adobe, e-Spirit, eZ Systems, hybris software and SAP, among others.

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