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ADVOCARD decides in favour of the solution Heuristic Claims Management by adesso insurance solutions GmbH

In the future, ADVOCARD will be relying on the Heuristic Claims Management solution to automatically process its new claims. This statistically based method developed by adesso insurance solutions can be used to automatically read and process lawyers’ unstructured requests for coverage. From the end of 2018 on, a higher percentage of ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung AG’s new written claims will be processed in this way.

ADVOCARD had already been using drebis, the communication platform for lawyers and insurers, to optimise claims processing processes in the past, thereby relying on a product by adesso insurance solutions. Now, from the end of 2018 on, all of ADVOCARD’s unstructured written damage claims (letters, emails, faxes) will run through the drebis interface, where the method developed by adesso insurance solutions Heuristic Claims Management (HCM), will be put to use. This method can be used to structure and then automatically process new claims.

With its HCM software, adesso insurance solutions has developed a method that creates a basis for automatic processing in downstream back-end systems by digitalising and structuring paper-based business processes. It uses statistically based text analyses to automatically extract structured content from unstructured texts. The solution applies a combination of different processes and methods such as Support Vector Machines, Random Forest and different Bayes analyses that use self-learning algorithms during text analysis to ensure that recognition rates improve on their own accord.

The quality assurance required to increase recognition rates is provided by the technical experts at adesso insurance solutions GmbH.

“Due to the great work we have done with adesso insurance solutions so far, we will now be relying on Heuristic Claims Management in the field of claims management,” says Peter Stahl, spokesperson for the Board of Management of ADVOCARD. “This solution will enable us to completely automate the process of filing claims in the future, thereby making it more efficient.”

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