adesso presents the first prototype of the Symphony marketplace for IT services

Dortmund | 1. March 2016

adesso presented the prototype for its digital marketplace for IP-based telecommunications services to an expert audience for the first time at Call Center World in Berlin. The development of the prototype was led by adesso AG’s Java competence centre in Hamburg as part of the “Symphony” research project, which was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs within the scope of its activities to promote small and medium-sized businesses.

The German telecommunications market is very opaque. Symphony aims to counter that by offering an open, transparent digital marketplace, which supports small and medium sized companies throughout the whole ICT service life cycle – from selection to bookings, commissioning, billing and error management.

“Symphony offers companies access to a marketplace where different providers present their services. It allows you to take as much time as you need to examine performance indicators, compare services and calculate expected costs,” explains Uwe Lutter, Head of adesso AG’s Hamburg office. “That gives you back the ability to act, because you no longer have to rely on recommendations from advisers or the sales staff of individual providers.”

Along with its marketplace function, Symphony will create completely new possibilities for vendors and users of telecommunications solutions. That is achieved using a special component called the symphony adapter, which allows services from different providers to be automatically integrated, so that companies can intelligently combine services configured using Symphony.

For example, if a company uses Symphony to install a voice-to-text service from a certain provider, it can be combined with other telephone services so that certain calls can be recorded and saved in text form. The combination of CRM and telephony systems using Symphony provides another example of a potential application – it allows important customer information to be displayed automatically when that customer calls.

Symphony aims to mitigate threats to the medium-sized German ICT market caused by digitalization and prevent the concentration of power among a few global players. To achieve that, it offers a fair, high-performing environment that brings together smaller providers and users of ITC services, benefiting both partners.

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