adesso joins forces with the start up nucaria

Dortmund | 28. January 2019

adesso is working with a start up from the healthtech industry: The recently launched company nucaria offers personalised food supplements on the basis of an individual lifestyle analysis. In the future, adesso will be supporting the company in the areas of software implementation and hosting.

The aim of inQventures, the incubator of the IT service provider adesso, is to promote promising, innovative young companies in the IT industry. In addition to its Boostival competition, which introduces selected start ups to an audience of investors and venture capitalists, the inQventures scouts are always scouring the market in search of new and commercially promising business ideas. And they really found a winner in nucaria.

The young, Berlin-based company has been offering outstanding nutritional supplements at since the beginning of the year. The supplements contain high-quality nutrients, are manufactured without unnecessary fillers such as cellulose or glucose, and are tailored to the specific needs of consumers on the basis of a “personal case history”. In the investor consortium, adesso is responsible for all technology relating to selling the products as well as the implementation of an AI-based survey and evaluation tool.

The nucaria concept of personalised supplements was developed in collaboration with an experienced team of doctors, food technologists, nutritional experts and diagnosticians, as well as experts in natural medicine. This expert team also makes up the company’s advisory board. The products on offer range from vitamins and minerals to immune system and energy boosters, from anti-stress and beauty products to supplements for specific organs and bodily functions.

To ensure that the supplements perfectly match requirements, a free and thorough initial analysis is carried out online. This involves the customer answering questions relating to over 250 data points, including factors such as eating and drinking habits, health, lifestyle, challenges, and particular demands placed on the body. The data is then subjected to fully automated evaluation. adesso developed an analysis tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) to process the data. Based on the analysis, the customer receives a recommendation for a balanced selection of supplements that perfectly corresponds to their needs. nucaria customers then receive a package by post once a month containing an optimal combination of tailored daily doses – a practical approach. Regular contact is subsequently maintained with the customer so that the nutritional content can be adjusted as required, depending on how the customer feels and how they describe their condition.

The nucaria founders, the brothers Soeren and Peer Soeteberg (Copyright: adesso)

nucaria was founded by two brothers, Peer and Soereen Soetebeer. Both are young entrepreneurs on the start up and venture scene and are delighted about the interest from investors: “We believe that genuine well-being is a journey. We offer long-term support to our customers every step of the way as they travel along this path. With adesso we were able to acquire a technological partner that can also provide us with management expertise and ongoing support.”

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