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adesso and BITMARCK have extended their partnership, which is focused on digitalisation – joint website launched:

The IT service provider adesso AG and BITMARCK, a full-service provider of IT solutions to statutory health insurance providers, have extended their strategic cooperation. Together the two companies are helping health insurers as they undergo a digital transformation. The core of their cooperative work is the creation of virtual branches. For more information about the digital transformation of statutory health insurance providers visit The website is run by BITMARCK, adesso and other partners.

For many statutory health insurance providers, a virtual branch is the central element in their digital transformation. It offers faster channels for communication, cost-effective transactions and universal, customer-focused service. BITMARCK’s bitGo_GS software provides all the essential functions for a virtual branch, and is seamlessly integrated with the company’s health insurance solutions.

In the scope of its cooperation with BITMARCK, adesso will also take responsibility for advisory services relating to bitGo_GS, implement the software and customise it to the individual needs of customers. Among other things, that allows the statutory health insurance providers to take advantage of the IT service provider’s comprehensive experience, which includes many years working for the healthcare industry. Those clients also receive special conditions for the use of FirstSpirit, the leading content management system produced by the adesso-subsidiary e-Spirit AG, and which serves as the basis for bitGo_GS’s visual interfaces.

Broad support for statutory health insurance providers in the digital world

In addition to implementing virtual branches, adesso and BITMARCK work together to help statutory health insurance providers address other important aspects of their digital transformation. That range of services includes the target-group specific tailoring of their entire online presence, advice regarding all aspects of digital marketing, creating mobile solutions, the holistic automation of processes and comprehensive management of all projects that relate to digitalisation.

“The digital transformation represents a major challenge for the statutory health insurance providers,” notes Andreas Hitzbleck, Head of Line of Business Health at adesso. “They have to put their customers at the centre of their business activities. Together with BITMARCK, we help them achieve that, with professional advice and customised, high-performing IT solutions.”

“The virtual branch is becoming a statutory health insurance provider’s digital flagship store”
“At the new website,, we demonstrate how statutory health insurance providers can improve the digital service they offer their customers and get up to speed in the digital age, using existing products and services. The bitGo products play a key role in that process, because the virtual branch is increasingly becoming a statutory health insurance provider’s digital flagship store. Our partnership with adesso allows us to better meet those needs and address other customer requirements resulting from the market trend towards digitalisation in the industry in a more customised manner,” explains Beate Braun, Head of Software Development at BITMARCK.

The BITMARCK group of companies is a full-service IT provider to Germany’s statutory health insurers, with a full range of innovative and tailored products. With more than 1,400 employees, the group provides the latest health insurance management technologies. It develops software products and offers tailored advice and services to the statutory health insurance providers. The BITMARCK group of companies is owned by an association made up of company, guild and alternative health insurance providers.

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