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Contentful has been a strategic focus partner of the SAP Commerce Cloud since March 2024. This cooperation combines the strengths of both platforms for optimum efficiency and flexibility in dynamic e-commerce.

More and more companies are using innovative approaches to make their online shops more efficient. Modern shop systems rely on a composable architecture with compatible content management systems (CMS), which offer decisive advantages over conventional monolithic systems.

Keyword: modularity

While the headless approach separates the user interface from the backend, enabling faster customisation and optimisation of the customer experience, the composable architecture goes one step further. It enables the modular combination of different modules such as CMS, payment processing and product management. This flexibility makes it possible to select the best solutions for each function and create a customised e-commerce platform that meets specific requirements. This results in faster time-to-market for new features, better scalability and optimised cost control.

The SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a versatile shop system that can be easily integrated into a company's entire IT infrastructure. Formerly known as "Hybris", the e-commerce software is now an API-driven, cloud-based solution that enables successful omnichannel commerce and offers comprehensive, integrated functions for various business processes. It is suitable for both B2B and B2C requirements, but is specifically tailored to the particular needs of B2B business models.

What's new?

New strategic partnership

Contentful has been a strategic partner for Composable Content in the SAP Commerce Cloud's Composable offering since March 2024. With the SAP-recommended app in the SAP Store, Contentful offers the right solution for rapid integration into the SAP Commerce Cloud. With the combined capabilities of Contentful and SAP, customers can maximise their investment in SAP Commerce Cloud by creating a rich, integrated experience without costly customisation.

The combination of Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud enables the creation of a highly flexible and powerful e-commerce presence. Contentful is characterised by its ease of use, allowing companies to quickly and easily manage and publish content to multiple platforms. In addition, Contentful offers a powerful API structure that enables seamless integration with other systems and applications.

SAP Commerce Cloud offers a robust e-commerce platform that is characterised by scalability, integration with other SAP solutions and third-party applications, and comprehensive personalisation and customer experience features. It also offers a wide range of tools and functions for order management, marketing and analytics, which can be used to operate and optimise e-commerce businesses more efficiently and ultimately increase sales and growth.

The combination of these two systems enables companies to link relevant and personalised content with the e-commerce functions of the SAP Commerce Cloud to create a unique customer experience.

The role of adesso in the trio

As a close SAP focus partner, adesso contributes its many years of expertise to support companies on their individual path to the cloud: from the initial analysis to data migration and ongoing operations. A thorough assessment of the existing IT infrastructure helps to develop the optimal cloud strategy. Companies benefit from improved security standards and more agile business processes. Our tailored approach minimises risks, maximises efficiency and paves the way for a successful digital transformation.

adesso also has a strong partnership with CMS provider Contentful, which has already led to several successful projects. The popular, lean headless CMS has firmly established itself in adesso's portfolio.

Technical details of the integration

The SAP Commerce Cloud offers an API that provides access for CMS systems. This API provides the CMS system with all the information it needs to prepare the required content (catalogues, products, images, etc.). The content can then be prepared in the CMS as HTML, for example, and exported to the SAP Commerce Cloud. There are a variety of integration scenarios that promise an efficient merging of the systems. adesso will find the right strategy for your requirements as your implementation partner.

Effective triad: customers benefit with adesso, SAP and Contentful

The added value of the combined solution from Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud is manifold. In the following, we will look at what we consider to be the most important points:

  • 1. Improved user experience: customers receive an uninterrupted and personalised user experience as relevant content can be dynamically integrated into the e-commerce platform, resulting in an intuitive and engaging shopping experience.
  • 2. Greater flexibility: Contentful's flexibility allows content to be quickly customised and delivered across multiple platforms, giving customers access to up-to-date and relevant information regardless of their device or location
  • 3. Consistent brand message: By integrating Contentful, companies can maintain a consistent brand message across all digital channels, which strengthens customer trust and loyalty.
  • 4. Faster time-to-market: By working together, Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud can quickly combine and implement content and e-commerce functionalities, enabling a rapid response to market changes and competitive advantage.
  • 5. Increased scalability: By leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud, the e-commerce business can scale to handle both seasonal peaks and long-term growth, while Contentful provides a scalable content management solution that enables rapid growth.

Looking to the future

Innovation potential of adesso, SAP and Contentful in e-commerce

The partnership between SAP Commerce Cloud and Contentful brings together the best of both worlds: powerful e-commerce functionalities and flexible, modern content management solutions.

By combining SAP's powerful shop solution with Contentful's flexible headless CMS architecture, content can be efficiently created, managed and consistently delivered across multiple channels. The result is an improved user experience, more agility and a faster response to market changes.

The adaptability and growth potential of both systems enable dynamic further development of processes to create innovative customer experiences.

Both systems also offer helpful functions in the area of artificial intelligence, such as product search via image files, the enrichment of product attributes and the support of editorial processes in the CMS through the use of AI functionalities for image generation, content creation and content optimisation, for example.

Let's go: use adesso, SAP and Contentful for e-commerce success!

Discover with us how the combination of SAP Commerce Cloud and Contentful can optimise your e-commerce strategy and how adesso, as a strategy and implementation partner, can help you achieve the best possible output. Contact us for more information or a personal demo!

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